Best Holiday Foods

Karly Schweighart, Reporter

The holidays are some of the funnest and best times during the winter for some. So many amazing and sometimes hysterical memories get made and old ones get shared with the family. What makes the holidays so amazing most of the time though is food! Basically all of the most important holidays involve food as well, which is why it’s important to know which foods are the best and which ones are below par. Cookies, ham, potatoes, and so much more yummy food are what make that special day so special. Gosh, even thinking about the food is making my mouth water! Although the list isn’t in order, all the food listed are equally delicious.

Number one on the list of holiday must haves would have to be candy canes! They’re a staple to any party and are just amazing in general. Think about it, as you turn the corner to go into the kitchen, what do you see on the counter in front of you? Candy canes, and not just the peppermint ones, but the fruit flavored ones too. For only about 50 calories each, grabbing a few wouldn’t hurt anyone. Besides, it’s the holidays which means you can go off the diet a little bit, if it means indulging in some fantastic foods.

I’d have to say the second on the holiday list is Christmas cookies. The ones from Weis are pretty good, if I do say so myself. When you’re grabbing your dinner, you pass by the cookies. You know you want some so right after you finish your meal you go the cookie jar. There you find an endless arrangement of cookies, and you can’t decide which one to go for. So you grab one of each type. There are so many types of holiday cookies that it’s hard to find one you won’t like.

Third on the yummy list in my opinion is ham. Only bad thing about ham is that you never seems to grab enough of it. But who can ignore the other delicious items that’ve been prepared? I know that’s a weakness I’ll admit to. If you’re going to a party for Christmas this year, ham will most definitely have to make an appearance on your plate. And unlike turkey, it won’t make you want to take a nap afterwards! Next on the list would have to be prime rib,  another meat that is too good to pass down. Unlike normal ribs, prime rib is juicy, delicious, and such a great food that it’ll be gone soon after it comes out of the oven. With it’s red/ pinky colorful inside and rich brown outside, a good prime rib can never let anyone down Better run quickly to get to the beef before it’s all gone.

Now there are a ton more items that deserve to go on this list, but then that would take ages to write and read. Holiday food is one of the best kinds of food, and basically everyone can agree to that. Happy holidays!