3 Midterm Study Tips

3 Midterm Study Tips

Gracen Shepps, News Editor

With the semester coming to a close, many students are stressed out with last minute projects, tests, and studying. Although this time of the school year does bring a lot of anxiety, there are several ways to maximize, and get the most out of your study time. 


Spread Out Studying Time

With so much to do it can be difficult to set aside time to study beyond the night before, it is important. Sophomore, Hope Mckenney, finds this to be her most helpful study tool. She explains, “I feel that studying ahead of time helps me to feel more confident walking into the test, and I feel I know the material a lot more.” This tip has been proven true by the American Psychological Association. Author Lea Winerman wrote, “Decades of research have demonstrated that spacing out study sessions over a longer period of time improves long-term memory. In other words, if you have 12 hours to spend on a subject, it’s better to study it for three hours each week for four weeks than to cram all 12 hours into week four.”







Limit Distractions

We are constantly surrounded by technology, but when studying, it’s best to turn off social media. When you are attempting to study while watching television, play a video game, or scroll through Instagram, you aren’t going to get the most out of your time. Olivia Walter, a Sophmore here at MASH, also shared that this is incredibly helpful to her. She stated, “When you limit distractions you are better able to focus on the task at hand, and I think it helps me to retain more information.” I Phones also have a helpful feature, called downtime. With downtime you can set certain times for notifications to be muted. For example, if you plan to study from 7:30 to 8:30 every day over the weekend, you can set that your phone will be silent, and therefore less distracting during that time period. With tools like downtime, it is easier to focus on your work. 








Use Flashcards


Sophomore, Gabriella Gates, has found making flash cards to be her most helpful study tip. Flash cards are a well known way to study, and has proven to be helpful to many MASH students. Flashcards engage active recall. This means that you are working to answer the question without any help, which often leaves you more prepared for the test overall. Brainscape.com shared, “Active recall has been proven to create stronger neuron connections for that memory trace. And because flashcards can so easily facilitate repetition, they are the best way to create multiple memory-enhancing recall events.” With information like this, it is easy to see why making flashcards is a great way to prepare for midterms this year, and with resources like Quizlet, it’s easier and quicker than ever to make and use flashcards for every subject. 



To conclude, there are many ways to study, and it’s important to find what’s best for you. With so many online resources to aid in studying, you can make the most out of your time. With these study tips and more, you are sure to succeed. Good Luck to all students on midterms this year!