Blocked Classes


Gabriella Gates, Editorial Editor

With midterms right around the corner, many classes are beginning to wind down. This means that many students at MASH will be finishing their first blocked class of the year. With the new year, will come a new course load. 


Coming into the school year, many students were feeling unsure about how the block classes would go. It is a significantly longer period of time to be in the same classroom, and you have to take a midterm in the middle of the first semester. Sophomore Gracen Shepps said, “ I was very nervous going into the school year because I knew that we would be given a lot of information in a very short amount of time.” 


However, many students are coming out of the block classes with a positive reflection. Once the school year started going, the classes didn’t seem as daunting and the workload seemed more bearable. Hope McKenney, a sophomore at MASH, said, “ I had a blocked biology class and I thought it went very smoothly. I really enjoyed that we had more time in the classroom because we went straight from notes into different projects and models. It allowed me to take the information, apply it to a model, and comprehend it all in the same period.” 


Students with blocked classes used the extra time to take information from a lecture and understand it. The problem with normal classes is that notes and lectures can take the whole class, so you have 24 hours until you look over the information again. Sophomore, Xavier Muza explained, “Although I am enjoying having a blocked biology class, I feel like other classes wouldn’t work as well in a block. I think, depending on the class, it might not run as smoothly.”


Although the overwhelming consensus is that blocked classes were a success, none of the students have taken their finals yet. Students aren’t feeling more stressed with a blocked class final than their normal midterms. This is because they don’t have to remember as far back. For normal classes students have to remember information from the beginning of the year, but for blocked classes they only have to remember information from the last marking period. Although they still have to remember the same amount, it’s still easier to remember since it is fresh in their memory.


Now that many students have experienced a blocked class, they feel more prepared to take on their next one. Once the semester ends, many students have to start over with a new teacher and a new course load. Although there is some anxiety with starting something new, many students are excited to see what the next semester holds.