Winter sports preview

Erin Harris, Sports Editor

Boys Basketball:

  • Head Coach: Bobby Strickler 
  • Assistant Coaches: Chris Cowoski, Kevin Rutherford, & Mark Bogdan
  • Seniors: N/A
  • First Game: Friday, December 6th 
  • Quote: N/A


  • Head Coach: Jena Druck
  • Assistant Coaches: Amanda Brudowsky 
  • Seniors: Kacey Bell, Camryn Douglass, Angela Intriago
  • First Game: Friday, December 6th
  • Quote: N/A 

Girls Basketball: 

  • Head Coach: Clay McAllister
  • Assistant Coaches: Tonya Brown, Katie Earley, Emma Kromka, & Steve Laudenslager 
  • Seniors: Anita Laudenslager, Logan Nutt, Jenna Skursenski 
  • First Game: Friday, December 6th     
  • Quote: “I am more than excited to begin a new season following the one we had last year. Some will say last year was amazing, well guess what? Just wait and see. This year it’s going to be even better.  I am so happy to have some familiar faces returning, as well as the new ones to help us this season. I absolutely can’t wait for this season!” – Talia Gilliard, Junior Point Guard 


  • Head Coach: Mike Glumac
  • Assistant Coaches: N/A
  • Seniors: Elizabeth Barley, Kylie Books, Conner Crone, Megan Crow, Kayla Ettinger, Laurel Gaston, Jonathan Gaston, Olivia Hilles, Ilana Jacobson, Nico Munoz, Johann Riebe, Molly Snyder, James Wetherhold 
  • First Meet: Tuesday, December 10th 
  • Quote: N/A


  • Head Coach: Greg Budman
  • Assistant Coaches: Josh Bressler & Curtis Brillhart
  • Seniors:  Elijah Berstler, Asa Brunk, Luis Gomez Hernandez, Michael Lamancusa, Logan Ledebohm, Nolan McCabe
  • First Match: Saturday, December 7th
  • Quote: “I’m glad that there are a lot of people coming out to wrestle. I think last year there was about 10 kids that wrestled and now there’s around 21 which is amazing. I’m excited about how hard people have worked in practice and how that can transfer to the matches.” – Garrett Buckbee, Junior