Debate team crushes the competition

Nola Agerton, Reporter

The Speech and Debate team is a fantastic way to get involved and have some friendly competition. “I never thought that I would like Speech and Debate, but now that I am part of it, I realize how amazing it truly is!” Fr. Eden King exclaimed in an interview.

She is right, there is something for everyone .If you like current events and thinking on your feet, you should look into Extemp! If you would rather have a speech prepared and practiced you should try Original Oratory! Regardless of your personal preference there are so many different activities you can try out. 

Because of this they have such a diverse team with seniors like Andrew Waldman and Syd Mesaros and wide array of freshman like Gabe Pinsker, Eden King, Nola Agerton, and Raena Boone.

At their last few tournaments they have taken home multiple awards and achievements! At their first competition Andrew Waldman won the cutthroat Lincoln Douglas Debate. At the same one, first time competitor Gabe Pinsker took home the trophy for Exempt!  At Dallastown, Syd Mesaros placed in Pros and got first in Informative OO! The team has been so successful and is always looking for new additions!

The Speech and Debate team is a fantastic way to get involved and have some friendly competition.

Even better is that they have a competition coming up on December 7th. So, now is a PERFECT time to join and see what events you are interested in. The team meets for 30 minutes every Friday after school in room 236. They would love to see you at their next meeting on Friday, December 6th!  During that time, they work on our their individual events and help out others on the team. They also have a flex that meets day 3, and competitions once a month on Saturdays. And with teachers like Mrs. Chow and Mrs. Beck, meetings are always a blast!

Speech and Debate is a great way to get involved and have some fun! They offer a wide array of events and draw out a wide variety of people. 

And in the words of Mrs. Chow herself, “We have big plans for MASH Speech & Debate for this year. We hope you will join us!”  For more information speak to Mrs. Chow in Room 236. ([email protected])