That’s a wrap on the 2019 fall play production


The Three Musketeers in their costumes

Jenna Archer, Feature's Editor

On the night of Saturday, November 23rd, the theatre department here at MASH wrapped up another amazing production! Those involved with the show have been working tirelessly for months to perfect The Three Musketeers to perform for the Mechanicsburg community.

Auditions for the play first began in August where hopeful cast members read lines from the script to be placed in the role that was just right for them and their abilities. Soon after the cast list was announced, preparations ramped up to get the play audience ready. 

The actors began to memorize their lines and learn their cues while the stage crew and volunteers started to build the multi-level set that would be crucial for establishing the play’s setting. Lana Wolfgang and her helpers began to track down pieces to create realistic costuming, while props were hunted for to complete the atmosphere. The sword fighting between characters was meticulously staged to ensure it looked real and everyone was safe.

Sr. Zsanna Smith says “Learning how to sword fight was basically learning how to dance with a pointy stick. It was more difficult than I thought it would be, but eventually we all got the hang of it. Overall it was a lot of fun and I’m really thankful for the experience!”

After hours of rehearsals, tech day and dress rehearsal came and went. It was soon show week and the cast and crew were excited to show everyone what they had been working on.

On November 21, MASH students became the first audience members to see the production at the preview during first period. Actors performed a few snippets of the opening scenes, encouraging students to buy tickets and see the ending for themselves on Thursday night, Friday night, or either a matinee or evening show on Saturday night.

Audience members could purchase tickets, receive printed programs, purchase refreshments, and enjoy a great show put on by the talented Mechanicsburg students.

The play delves into the journey of D’Artagnan, played by Nathan Hurley, and his journey to become a musketeer like his father and all of the twists he encounters along the way. He and his sister Sabine, played by Zsanna Smith, end up joining the Three Musketeers, played by Reid Fournier, Trent Yatsky, and Josiah Truitt, where they attempt to reach a common goal. They set out to end the Cardinal’s, played by James Lockwood, cruel actions on the people around him, aided by his sidekick Milady, who is played by Meghan Collins.

After their closing show, the cast members came into the lobby to talk with friends and family who had come to watch. Members of the production laughed, hugged, took pictures, and exchanged flowers. Many were seniors and it was their last opportunity to be apart of a play at the high school.

Sr. James Lockwood shares his favorite memory from his first production this year. “I loved all of the silliness and the good times we had backstage during rehearsals.”

Congratulations to everyone involved with the recent production of The Three Musketeers! All of that hard work paid off in a wonderful show that made Mechanicsburg proud!