Staff Cornucopia Challenge aids students and families in our community


Evalyne Simpson, Reporter

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, love and family. It’s all about appreciating what you have. But for some people, the holiday season is a reminder of what they don’t have. A lot of families, including ones in our school and community, can’t  afford to have an elaborate Thanksgiving feast. Imagine how stressful Thanksgiving must be if you can barely afford to make it through the week. Every family deserves a Thanksgiving dinner, even if they don’t have the financial means to do so. 

This holiday season, our school committed to making sure families in our community get the Thanksgiving dinner they deserve. Staff members competed in teams to raise the most amount of Thanksgiving related items for Cat’s Cupboard, which is our school food pantry. Cat’s Cupboard was created to provide food for students and families in our school that struggle with food insecurity. Many students take items home from the food pantry at night or on the weekends. For this particular challenge, teachers created special boxes of food that students could take home over Thanksgiving break. 

The competition was called the Cornucopia Challenge and ran from November first to the twenty fourth. The team that brought in the most food items was declared the winner. There was a list of items and staff members were asked to bring in a different food item each day. Mrs. Brown, one of the coordinators of the competition, explains, “Teachers that chose to participate were asked to bring in one specific item each day. We did this to ensure that all the boxes were identical.” Green beans, stuffing mix, potatoes, rice, and corn are just a few of the items on the list. Any extra items that aren’t used for the food boxes were stored in Cats Cupboard. 

The purpose of the Cornucopia Challenge was to help people in our community in a fun and competitive way. Mrs. Brown says, “Through a little friendly competition at MASH, within the staff, I hope that we were able to help families within our community.” Giving back to your community is important, and what better time to do it than during the holiday season. Every pack of food donated helped brighten up a family’s holiday season. 

Out of twelve teams, team number five was declared the winner. The team was made up of Mr.Paul, Mrs.Stokes Mendoza, Mrs. Donley, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Bandura, Mrs. Ravi, Mrs. Mathis, Mrs. Maturo and Mrs. Heiser. They brought in a total of 33 food packs, making them the winning team. Staff members brought in a combined total of 3,984 items, which were used to make 166 food boxes. That means that 166 students and families in our community were given a Thanksgiving feast that they may have otherwise not been able to have. Thank you to all the staff members that participated, for making this challenge a success!