MASH classes offer a variety of field trips to take

Regyna Gantt, Editor in Chief

May 16, 2019

MASH offers a wide variety of subjects and classes, and with many classes come field trips. Even though they are few and far between, they are the days we savor. Field trips are a time that most all students love, because of t...

Chipotle pales in comparison to local restaurant chain Neato Burrito

Jenna Archer, Journalism I Student

May 13, 2019

Nestled in Windsor Park, there’s a restaurant that is popular among all ages. From teenagers stopping for an early dinner after school to grandparents taking their grandchildren for lunch, everyone can find something they’d enj...

Giuseppe’s proves to be one of Mechanicsburg’s hidden culinary treasures

Gracen Shepps, Journalism I student

May 13, 2019

When driving down Simpson Street in Mechanicsburg, one will see Giuseppe's Pizza Cantina, a small, but hard to miss restaurant. From its huge, bright sign, to usually filled parking lot, you can clearly tell that Giuseppe's is...

Keith O’Neil and Bipolar Disorder

Michaela Zehring, Journalism I Student

May 13, 2019

Keith O’Neil, a former linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, has faced some serious struggles in his life. While on paper it seems like he was pretty lucky on the inside he struggled with bipolar disorder. He first started off ...

Our own Mechanicsburg star

Najmo Jire, Journalism I student

May 13, 2019

In life everyone will face obstacles that they have to overcome. Adults, kids, and especially high schoolers have to find ways to overcome their obstacles. They need to this in order to achieve their goals and ninth grader, S...

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Track and Field

Mayzee Paleveda, Journalism I student

May 13, 2019

Freshman Joy Kutz recently joined the Track and Field team at Mechanicsburg Area Senior high School, but this is just one more sport to add to the list. Even though Kutz is new to track and therefore only wishes to “progress as t...

Underclassman advice

Regyna Gantt, Editor in Chief

April 11, 2019

While it’s not too hard to find your way through high school eventually, it could definitely be easier. Everybody always talks about how much they wish they knew before going into highschool, so I put together a list of tip...

Earth Day celebrations

Earth Day celebrations

April 10, 2019

Embracing your fears

Sarah Rice, Reporter

March 28, 2019

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt may have been born over a hundred years ago, but she definitely knew what she was talking about when she made this assertion. Fear, despite its negative connota...