Best ways to maintain social ties while socially distancing

Best ways to maintain social ties while socially distancing

Gracen Shepps, News Editor

    Now that the stay at home order has been extended to June 4th, we must be prepared to be socially distanced even longer. Many students are missing their friends, and reminiscing on fun times at school. However, just because we can not see our friends in person does not mean we can not make the most of our time at home. Keeping in touch with friends and distant family members during this time can make it easier to cope with having to be socially distanced. 


    One way to stay connected is by video chatting over apps like facetime, zoom, or skype. By getting together over these apps you can talk or do other activities while seeing and talking with one another. Many classes have also taken advantage of this technology, by using zoom for lessons, reconnecting with classmates, and studying together. Sophomore, Gabriella Gates, shared, “ For me facetime is the quickest and easiest way for me to stay connected with my friends during this time. We have used facetime to play games, and talk about how quarantine is going. It makes it feel like we are not truly apart during this time.” 


    Next, the chrome extension Netflix Party, is another great way to keep connected. This extension lets you play a show or movie on Netflix at the same time as your friends, and has a chat for you to discuss what you are watching. Many people are binging shows and movies during this time, so why not do it with friends? Student Sophie Blair shared, “Netflix party is a really fun way to stay connected because you can joke around with your friends while you are watching movies, the same way you would if we were really all together.” Using technology like this will help you to keep making great memories with friends, even though you are apart.


    Playing video games together or using multiplayer apps is another  great way to interact with others even though you can not be together in person. Some examples of apps that can help you stay connected are, Trivia Crack, Psych, and Game Pigeon games. Hope McKenney shares, “One of my favorite ways to keep in touch this quarantine is by playing game pigeon over text with my friends. It is a great way to have fun together even since we are no longer seeing each other at school everyday.” These fun games are a great way to interact with friends and family that you can not currently visit. You could also play video games on a computer or other gaming consoles. 


    Hopefully by taking advantage of technology, we can stay connected during this difficult time. Reaching out to friends and maintaining communications is incredibly important, so by using these apps and websites, you can respect social distancing guidelines, and make lasting memories with friends and family from home.