Was Philadelphia’s Second Round Pick a Bust?


NY Post

Erin Harris, Sports Editor

Every year, football fans can’t wait for the NFL draft to occur. Everybody wants to see who will go first, which teams become loaded, and if their favorite college players will get picked. This year for Philadelphia fans, the draft picks came as a shock. 

With the first round pick being WR Jalen Reagor out of TCU, most Philadelphis fans weren’t sure with the direction the team was going. It wasn’t until their second round pick that all Eagles fans wanted to know what Coach Doug Pederson was thinking. 

The overall 53rd pick of the NFL draft ended with the Eagles choosing QB Jalen Hurts from Oklahoma. 

Now, anyone who knows and watches pro football understands that the Eagles have a totally capable QB in Carson Wentz. Being four seasons into his NFL career, Wentz has thrown for 97 touchdowns and 14,191 overall yards. 

Wentz has thrown for ten more touchdowns and seven fewer interceptions than the LA Rams QB, Jared Goff, who was selected one pick ahead (the #1 overall pick) of Wentz in the 2016 draft. 

Over the past four years, Wentz has taken the Eagles to the playoffs three consecutive times. One of these times led to Philadelphia winning the Super Bowl.

It is well known though that this Super Bowl win would not have happened if it wasn’t for Nick Foles, the backup QB, that filled in for Wentz. Late in the third quarter of the week 14 game against the LA Rams in 2017, Wentz tore his ACL diving for a goalline touchdown. He was out the rest of the season and the beginning of the next with his injury. Foles stepped up and became an impact player for the Eagles. 

Foles had to step in once again at the end of the 2018 season when Wentz suffered another season ending injury, a stress fracture in his back. 

Besides the time he has missed due to these unfortunate injuries, Wentz  has started every other game and has almost always provided for his team and city. 

Obviously, there have been some losses, but every quarterback in the NFL has lost at some point. 

So why has the franchise decided to bring in a new QB now? Especially when Wentz signed a four-year, $128 million contract extension with the Eagles in 2019. 

Head Coach Pederson mentioned that he first talked with Carson Wentz after the decision was made and said, “‘[I] just wanted him to understand that we value the quarterback position extremely high, you know, here in Philadelphia but at the same time Carson understands that. I wanted him to know that he is our starter. He’s the face of the Philadelphia Eagles. He is our franchise.” 

Though it’s a relief to hear that Carson Wentz isn’t going anywhere, the question of where Jalen Hurts belongs in this offense is still burning brightly. 

Pederson then went on to explain that quarterbacks are an important key to developing a franchise and when they saw Hurts still available when they got to the 53rd pick, they had to take him. He wanted to make it clear that though Hurts is skillful and talented, there’s still a lot of growth to be done. Pederson also pointed out that the newly brought in QB would be learning from Wentz and the current backup QB, Nate Sudfeld

Pederson’s many words about Hurts’s arrival in Philly didn’t do much to quiet down the questions still being thrown around about where Hurts will be present in the Eagles. 

Whether he be a true backup or if he’s just there to learn for the time being, is still in question.

With his 1,298 yards rushing and his 20 rushing touchdowns at Oklahoma, Hurts has the potential to be used as something more than just a QB. In future seasons, the Philly fans might be seeing Hurts used in the way that Taysom Hill is used in New Orleans with the Saints.

As for now, only time will tell for the Philadelphia Eagles fans.