The ending of the 2020 indoor color guard season

Jenna Archer, Features Editor

Just like every winter, this year the indoor guard began the work of creating a brand new production to perform at competitions. While this season may have ended a little unusually compared to years past, they worked hard and accomplished a lot.

The season began in November for the indoor guards, quickly after the end of the marching season, when they held auditions. Anyone interested met in the auditorium where they learned a quick warmup routine, a dance combo, and a flag piece. At the end of the night, members were told whether they would be in the varsity guard or the junior varsity guard for the 2020 season.

After Thanksgiving breaks, rehearsals started in the varsity guard. They would meet twice during the week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three hours and then for eight on Saturdays until competitions began at the beginning of February. 

They began to learn their show, designed by the staff; Kirstin Shatzer, Paige Biller, and Marianna Fernbaugh. Entitled “Issues” the show was written to a remixed version of the song written by Julia Michaels.

The premise of the show began with the performers acting like frustrated editors who have had their magazine spreads rejected, working throughout the entire show, until they become happy and published at the end of the show. They had wooden desks and chairs as props that moved throughout the show, spun on top of, and danced on. Each performer had unique costumes of business attire with blue tops. 

The team worked for hours for two months to clean their show before the first competition. It underwent many changes until it became the final product that was performed for crowds.

All three of the Mechanicsburg color guards attended the first KIDA competition at Cumberland Valley High School on February 1st. The Varsity Guard had a fantastic run and the crowd responded well, cheering and clapping. They ended up placing first in the Scholastic National A Blue division with a score of 66.89.

Just two weeks later, the guard then headed to the Central Dauphin High School KIDA competition. Once again, their hard work paid off as they placed first in the same division with a score of 64.42.

On the weekend of February 29th, the guard traveled to an overnight WGI regional in Pittsburgh. During their prelims performance, the guard placed second out of thirteen groups in the scholastic A class with a score of 78.7, just .003 points behind the guard in first place.

So. Xavier Muza reflects on how he felt when he first saw the scores were posted. “I got more and more excited as they put each guard’s score up, waiting for Mechanicsburg to be next. When we were second and so close behind first place, I was ready to work hard and try to win the next day during finals.”

The team was able to watch the performances of other guards before they left to attend a short rehearsal in a practice facility and go back to the hotels where they enjoyed time with each other.

The next morning, the guard was ready to go and performed in finals at a WGI competition for the first time in three years. They remained in second place with a score of 78.58. 

For the home show, the show underwent a major change at the end and the guard was very excited to debut it for the friends, family, and the other guards who attended. 

Unfortunately, the season was cut short due to the coronavirus and no one outside of the gym in the Wildcat Activity Center got to see it. The Eastern Power regional was cancelled by WGI and KIDA originally cancelled their championships. The home show that was supposed to be held at the high school was quickly cancelled following that.

Fr. Meghan Dahlin shares her feelings when she got the news that the season was over three weeks early. “For me, it was really disappointing to see something I had worked very hard for just end without warning. It was pretty upsetting to not get to experience the things I was looking forward to.” Nevertheless, she remains optimistic and more excited to get back to spinning more than ever with the new outdoor season.

While their season may not have ended the way everyone wanted, members of the guard are looking ahead to the future. Right now, they are having zoom meetings to learn new dance warm ups and exercises, since they can’t have in person rehearsals. 

Jr. Maddie Snodgrass, and member of the new leadership team, is “excited to get back to spinning with all of [her] friends.” She says, “I’m excited to get better with my teammates and help the new kids coming in learn new skills.”

Congratulations to the indoor varsity color guard and good luck in the upcoming marching band season!