How to stay fit while also staying safe

Gabriella Gates, Editorial Editor

In the couple of weeks that we are off school, many of us have had a hard time staying active and fit. It’s hard to want to get up and do something when it’s easier to stay in bed. Here are a few easy ways to stay active while we are at home. 


The easiest way to stay active is by going outside and going for a run or a bike ride. Spring is here, which means there is beautiful weather to go outside and exercise. Even going for a 20 minute run outside is a good way to get moving. Any of these activities are a great way to get our blood pumping, and keep us active. Sophomore Gracen Shepps said, “This would have been my first year running track and I’m sad that we aren’t practicing,but I have been staying active anyway in my time off. I have been going for runs and taking walks around my neighborhood at least once a day.” It’s easy to take a couple minutes out of our days to stay healthy and active during this time. 


Another easy way to stay active during this time is to help out around the house. Vacuuming, mopping, and reorganizing are all an easy way to get out of bed. They all get you up and moving around during the day. A New York Times Article by Anna Goldfarb said, “Every little bit of movement counts, so when we’re confined to home, move, move, move.” This is great advice because anything you can do to get your legs moving, even if it is just cleaning, can be beneficial. Another way to stay active while not leaving the house is by stretching and doing some yoga. Any way to get our bodies moving and exercising can be beneficial. 


Staying active doesn’t require vigorous activity. It does us just as much good to go out for a walk with our family than it does to go for a run. Taking a walk around the block is a quick and easy way to stay active during this time. It also provides us with an opportunity to spend time with our families. 


Doing these things not only improve our health and keep us moving, but they make us happier. Another article from the New York Times by Gretchen Reynolds said, “The study found that almost any type of physical activity, whether strenuous or light, helped to offset people’s genetic propensity for depression, though the benefits were greater when people exercised more often.” So not only can exercise keep people healthy during this time, but it can reduce their risk for depression. 


Just remember that staying active is essential during this time not only physically but mentally!