How to remain motivated through the fourth marking period

How to remain motivated through the fourth marking period

Gracen Shepps, News Editor

With the fourth marking period coming soon, there are many upcoming activities to look forward to. From prom, to spring break, to the end of school, it is harder than ever to stay focused at this point in the school year.  Therefore, many of us begin to procrastinate, and then consequently our grades will drop. However, by pushing through and remaining focused this final marking period you can be sure to end this school year on a high note. 


Sophomore, Gabriella Gates, expressed her feelings towards the final marking period this year. She stated, “I believe that many students, myself included, are starting to wish it was summer and are looking forward to the end of the school year. It is difficult to stay motivated at times, but it is important to have self discipline to get things done!” 


When studying and doing homework it is important to limit distractions around you. By putting your phone on the other side of the room, out of reach, or turning off the TV, you will be able to do your work quicker, and it will most likely be better work. It is also helpful to limit distractions by choosing a quiet study environment. Student Hope Mckenney shared, “I find it helpful to use the library’s quiet space to study before I have a test. It is silent and I can easily focus to get my work done.” By utilizing resources such as this it is easy to remain focused even as the school year winds down. 


    Another tip is to remain motivated by working with friends. Data Quest states, “In the Matthews study mentioned above, subjects who shared their goals with a friend were more likely to succeed than those who didn’t, but subjects who regularly gave their friends written progress reports were even more likely to meet their goals.” By having friends that will work alongside you or help you to stay motivated to put in your best effort up to the very last day of the school year, you will be more likely to complete the work, and with their support you will hopefully have done the best work possible. 


One final  way to remain motivated is to simply use these summer plans that are often distractions as  inspiration to get your work done. By reminding yourself that all this effort you are putting forth leads to a great summer break, it becomes easier to remain focused on putting forth your best effort until the very end. Good luck finishing out the school year strong!