3 ways for students to destress


Gabriella Gates, Editorial Editor

Heavy course loads, extracurricular activities, AP courses, mountains of homework and SAT preparation are causing students all across the country stress. Staying on top of our chaotic schedules can be one of the hardest things to do when we are in high school. However, there are so many ways to get rid of that stress and replace it with happiness. 



  • Sleep.


It’s hard when we have hours of homework every night to get more than a couple hours of sleep, but sleep actually makes it easier to focus on our homework. One study from the Child Mind Institute said, “A scant 8% of US high school students get the recommended amount of sleep. Some 23% get six hours of sleep on an average school night and 10% get only 5 hours.” The sad part of this is that not sleeping as well makes teens more irritable, which makes them even more stressed out. Sleep deprivation is a really big problem in teens. However, if we improve the amount of sleep we are getting just by a few hours, we will be less stressed and in a better mindset to study for exams.


  • Exercising.


Getting our blood flowing can put us in a better mindset for completing homework assignments and it will cut down the number of hours we need to study for exams. If our blood is flowing, we tend to be more focused and that will make it easier to get our work done. Another study from the American Physiological Association says, “ People who engage in sedentary activities to manage stress are less likely to say that the technique is effective compared with those who engage in more physically active stress management strategies.” This shows that one of the best ways to destress is through exercising. 


  • Making time for things that we enjoy.


As hard as it is to find time to do things we enjoy like sports, spending time with friends, and watching movies, we need to make time for it. Carving thirty minutes out of our schedules might be difficult but it will make the difference between being or not being stressed out. Making time to have fun will destress us and when we come back to our schoolwork, we will be much more relaxed and happy. One study from Mental Health America says, “Leisure activities can boost our effectiveness, broaden our perspective, increase creativity and restock our energy supply. Leisure can combat stress by offering, social support, chances to build confidence, distractions from difficulties, and an emotional lift.” As we can clearly see, having fun is the key to destressing our lives and doing better in school. 


If students start incorporating even one of these things into their lives we will become much happier people, start doing better in school, and become much less stressed out. Take some time for yourself and relax!