MASH’s Spring musical, Les Misérables school edition, set to wow audiences

The students and staff of Wildcat Productions are busy preparing their annual spring musical– Schönberg’s Les Misérables School Edition–which will be performed in the MASH auditorium from Thursday, March 5 until Saturday, March 8.


With over 100 MASH students involved in the production and hundreds of hours being devoted to the show by cast, crew, and production team alike, organizing the musical may seem like a daunting task. However, Executive Producer and MASH physics teacher Mr. Shoemaker shares his insight of why he does it year after year: “One of the magical aspects of the musicals at MASH is the way the school community comes together to produce something great.  No one strives to put themselves in the spotlight, but rather everyone works to produce something greater than themselves.”


Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the show—Les Misérables—itself is the time period in which it is set. The musical is set in early 19th century France in the midst of the French Revolution. Jean Valjean (sophomore Christian Yeager), the musical’s protagonist, has served nineteen years in prison for stealing bread for his sister’s starving child. Upon his release, he breaks parole—causing an extended manhunt by Inspector Javert (senior Micah Collins), as Valjean himself seeks redemption for his crimes.


This year, Mr. Kaslusky, the musical’s Artistic Director and coordinator of the music department at MASD, is leading a cast of seventy-seven students, many of whom are from MASH (but, we can certainly not forget our elementary students who will be performing on stage, too).


Les Misérables is an entirely sung through musical, which means that all of the lines in the performance will be sung by the cast. In order to meet the requirements of performing Les Mis, the cast has been rehearsing daily since before winter break. Senior Trent Yatsky says, “Les Mis is challenging—you are continuously learning new lines.”


Nevertheless, in the twenty-one musicals previously performed by Wildcat Productions, the musical at Mechanicsburg never disappoints. Les Mis is a widely known musical and many members of the community have expressed their interest in seeing MASH perform the show.


Tickets and more information are available on Wildcat Productions’ website: You can also visit the ticket booth in the MASH lobby during school hours or on Saturdays from 9 AM until noon. MASD students and staff who bring their ID to the ticket booth may receive a discounted ticket price of $7 per person; however, this discount may only be applied in person at the ticket booth [one discounted ticket per ID].