Mechanicsburg girls basketball climbing the ranks

Erin Harris, Sports Editor

As many people spend the winter skiing, snowboarding, or even cozying up next to the fire with a good book, the Mechanicsburg girls basketball team has other ideas in mind. Spending maximum hours in the gym and working hard on their identity has been their main focus.

Coming out of last season with a loss in the States Sweet Sixteen to ArchBishop Wood, the team also lost twelve seniors, one being Florida College player, Rylee Everett. Many in the surrounding community weren’t sure how the team this year would hold their ground in the MidPenn Conference without their former seniors. 

Girls basketball took the challenge presented to them and hit the ground running. 

The team didn’t shy away. Instead, they made a name for themselves right from the beginning by beating Manheim Township and Manheim Central to win their beginning-of-the-year tournament. 

That tournament paved the way to their now, 16-0 record. 

When asked if she knew they’d be in this position, junior, Talia Gilliard, said, “I mean, honestly, I’m surprised we are here. But those who said we couldn’t, where are they now?  Oh yeah, in the bleachers cheering us on. Never doubt us.”

Not only is their record impressive, but so is the list of teams they have beaten.

The team’s wins include two blowouts over Red Land, close wins over Lower Dauphin and Bishop McDevitt, and two good wins over Cedar Cliff and Palmyra.

To top off the cake, they also beat Susquehanna Township, not twice, but three times. All three games were close, with two going into overtime.

If this doesn’t show hard work and perseverance, what does? 

This amount of effort and heart has paid off for Mechanicsburg girls basketball. 

Currently, they are ranked first in District 3 and second in 5A state classifications. 

Senior, Logan Nutt, remarked, “It’s been an amazing season. Just like last year, we proved a lot of people wrong. We graduated a bunch of seniors, but people didn’t realize all the talent and hard working girls we still have. We’re a team on the court and off, which just makes this season so much sweeter. We’re exactly where we deserve to be.” 

Together, they work for it every day in practice. Whether it be watching film on teams they’re going  to play or focusing on rebounding, the girls are putting effort into every performance. Blood, sweat, and tears have been shed by every player to step onto the court for the Mechanicsburg girls basketball team. 

With one more win in the MidPenn, the team will clinch the title of MidPenn champions.

With six games left, the team will continue to strive for what they have worked hard for all season.

Come support them on their journey at Bishop McDevitt on January 28!