How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

How To Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

Gracen Shepps, News Editor

A New Year is a time of reflection and setting goals for the future. Many people set resolutions for the year, and for students, these are often school-related. However, according to a study at the University of Scranton, only 8% of people achieve their New Years Goals. As a student, it is common to strive for better grades, to be more organized, and be less stressed. These tips below will hopefully help you to achieve these 3 common New Year’s resolutions.


Get Better Grades:

All of us can work to improve ourselves as students. There are many ways to work on improving your GPA. One of the easiest ways is to make sure you turn in all assignments. Having a 0 in the grade book can dramatically alter your grade. Another way is to work on your studying habits. According to David R. Torper with Harvard help blog, it is very important to quiz yourself as you read along with your notes or textbook. The article states, “Spread out when you quiz yourself by hours, days, weeks, and months. As you gain mastery over the material, keep spacing the quizzes further apart.” By using this strategy you will be able to truly learn the information, beyond just memorization, and this will greatly help you on tests in the future. One person who supports spacing out study time is Sophomore, Hope Mckenney, who says, “Spreading out my study time has helped me to be much more prepared when I finally take the test, and I would recommend doing this because it makes studying a lot less stressful.”


Be More Organized:

As the school year continues and students get more and more papers, it becomes harder to remain organized. However, to be your absolute best, staying organized is key. Student Gabriella Gates shared, “Keeping organized school supplies at school and home has helped me.” She also explained that keeping notes from class organized is important as well. You should keep papers organized in binders, or folders, and make sure to regularly go through them to dispose of unneeded papers (however it is helpful to keep papers from earlier in the school year at home so they are available for studying for midterms/finals). By staying more organized should know where everything is and no longer have to stress about not having what you need to be prepared for class.


Be Less Stressed:

Most students wish they could be less stressed, but busy schedules full of homework and extracurriculars make this a difficult task. However, finding ways that help you to destress is very important. Studies show that the effects of stress on students have a huge effect, from sleep to mood, to grades, to mental health. There are many strategies for lowering stress levels. Getting out in spending time in nature or exercising are well known helpful destressing methods. Separating yourself from social media for a while is also a great strategy, as it gives you more time to pursue your passions, and spend time with others.

If these listed above are your own New Years Resolutions, this article will help you to achieve them. And if these are not your resolutions, hopefully, these tips can help you to achieve your own goals this New Year. Good luck working towards your resolutions this year!