Things To Do During the Winter


Emma Brooks, Reporter

As fall comes to an end and winter is very much on its way, many changes in one’s schedule are most likely on the horizon, including the new and exciting activities that come along with this yearly change. 

Winter’s precipitation in the form of snow always brings a lot of adventures our way and it’s something that not everyone is able to encounter in a lifetime. Since Mechanicsburg students as a whole have the opportunity to experience a snowy winter, most of us typically like to enjoy the white stuff by being active outside in it, which likely means going to Ski Roundtop sometime this winter. Roundtop is great for those who like to tube, ski, or snowboard, or even those who like to try new things! They offer a multitude of different rental options and even offer lessons for low prices. Fun fact- senior girls Jade Klebe and Olivia Anderson can be found pictured on one of their promotional posters! 

Another way to enjoy the cold free of charge is just getting out in the snow and reliving those childhood days of sledding, making snow angels, or building forts. One place close by that offers a fun thrill on a snowy day is the Messiah College hill located in front of the Messiah College entrance. This hill has become an extremely popular site for families and kids to try out sledding. Now, if you think that sledding is an activity only for kids and families, let me try to change your mind. Sledding is a simple activity to enjoy in locations, like ours, that get enough snow, and sleds aren’t an expensive thing to get your hands on, so it’s no wonder why it’s a favorite. It can be a thrilling thing to experience and even more of a fun time with friends to laugh at … I mean sled with! If given the opportunity, I recommend you try out sledding once more (or for the first time) and see where it leaves you. It’s also fun to have a snowball fight, make snow angels, or even build a snowman that will later be knocked down by others, all activities encouraging kids to be creative. 

If being outside in the cold is not your thing, then head over to Capital Joe’s Coffee shop on Main Street, which is another popular spot students can be found at enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate and relaxing with friends. Ever since its Mechanicsburg location was built in 2016, it’s been a hotspot cafe for those who just want to enjoy a perfectly crafted beverage and relax. In a poll I conducted online, a whopping 67% percent of responders said that they’ve been to Capital Joe’s at least once and would go back again. 

Outside of these pastimes listed, many other adventures are awaiting out there for you to try or resume doing  during these cold winter months ahead, so pick the one you enjoy and stay active. In the meantime, stay warm this winter, and I hope for many future snow days to come (or not…).