The best Hallmark Christmas movies to watch this winter

Gabriella Gates, Editorial Editor

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so that means it’s time for binging all of those Christmas Hallmark movies that we have come to love. Who can resist a classic Hallmark Christmas movie? Even though they tend to have the same characters and the same plot, there is something comforting in watching the same city girl fall in love with the same small town guy over and over again. And that final kiss at the end where everything is perfect (and of course it’s snowing) melts your heart. Below are some of the best Christmas Hallmark movies that you have to watch some time between now and Christmas Day.


1) Crown for Christmas

In this Hallmark movie classic, a maid from New York City, Allie, is fired from her job and is hired to be a governess for a Princess. Sparks end up flying between Allie and the Princess’s father, King Maximilian. After a few horseback rides and one intense snowball fight, they fall madly in love with each other. This movie has all the right elements that make a great Christmas movie. It has the forbidden love, cute kid and, of course, tons of snow. This is a great movie to get you in the Christmas spirit and brighten your day. 


2) A Gingerbread Romance

A good Hallmark movie just isn’t complete without a baking scene. This movie, released last year, should be on everyone’s must watch list. Taylor, a big time designer, is forced to enter a gingerbread house contest by her boss. However,this isn’t any gingerbread contest, it’s a life-size one, at which the contestants have to build a completely edible house that someone can walk around in. Taylor teams up with a baker, Adam, to make this amazing gingerbread house. As they take on this amazing feat, the two fall in love and find their Christmas spirit. This movie is sure to have you wanting to build a gingerbread house by the end of it!


3) A Merry Christmas Match

Although most of the time the best movies are the oldest ones, this movie, that was just released this year, is a great one! It doesn’t follow the Hallmark movie formula exactly, so it is a unique addition to your Hallmark movie lineup. The movie starts with a small town girl, Corey, that is trapped in a small ski village. She works in her dads local antique store, and wants more with her life. That’s when she meets Ryder, a  handsome and famous young man, that comes into her shop. Immediately, there is romantic tension between the two. Ryder gets her thinking about what life would be like in the city and what it would be like to follow her dreams. Although this movie doesn’t follow the same formula, it’s still extremely cute and has a little bit of Christmas magic. 


4) A Royal Christmas

No Hallmark movie list is complete without a good Lacey Chabert Christmas movie. This adorable movie is perfect for anyone who has a soft spot for a rags to riches story, and a Christmas ball. In A Royal Christmas, a seamstress at her family business, Emily, is deeply in love with her boyfriend, Leo. As their first Christmas approaches, he reveals to Emily that his real name is Prince Leopold, the heir to the throne of a small country. They then go to his country for Christmas because he needs to attend the Christmas ball. When they arrive, she learns that his mother doesn’t approve of her and is actually setting her son up with Natasha, a beautiful young royal. However, she doesn’t let that get to her and she proceeds to get her happily ever after. This adorable movie should definitely be on your holiday to-watch list!


These Christmas movies are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit and hopefully get you in the mood to spend the holidays with your family. Happy holidays!