Introducing Mr. Reidy, MASH’s Newest Assistant Principal

Introducing Mr. Reidy, MASH’s Newest Assistant Principal

Maxwell Hahn, Reporter

 Mr. Reidy, who previously taught AP Human Geography and World Cultures, is now one of our assistant principals, working with students in ninth and eleventh grade. Mr. Reidy has been a favorite at MASH, and many students are now asking: “Will Mr. Reidy still be teaching?”

 For the rest of the semester, Mr. Reidy will still teach AP Human Geography (which his students affectionately call “AP HUG”); however, after January, he won’t be formally teaching classes at MASH. Despite his new role, Mr. Reidy reminds his students, “I will always be their teacher.” Rather than teaching direct content in the classroom, he will now help to promote a positive and learning-centered atmosphere at the high school, indirectly teaching citizenship and “building a team culture.”

 Despite his move from Room 242, Mr. Reidy is eager to “jump in and contribute” as a building administrator. With his new role, he looks forward to working with staff and parents in the community, in addition to the students he sees everyday. He is thankful for the “amazing community at MASH” and enjoys “empowering students through education.”

 Mr. Reidy was also adamant that, while “discipline can be a bulk of [his] job,” this is just another form of teaching. He says “we’re all learners in this building,” and he hopes to help “Mechanicsburg scholars see the beauty of being a contributing member of society.”

 Don’t just take it from me though—students around MASH are quick to name Mr. Reidy as a building favorite.

 Sophomore Tyler Landis says, “Mr. Reidy is a teacher who makes every student feel like they’re cared about because he takes time to get to know every single student he comes in contact with; he is genuinely one of the kindest people I have ever met.”

 Senior Grace Wiedman also qualifies Mr. Reidy’s exceptional personality. She says, “Mr. Reidy is concerned for students not just academically, but also holistically.”

 It’s the aurora that surrounds Mr. Reidy that makes him truly unique. “He is a consistent source of wisdom and encouragement,” Grace says.

 MASH certainly is lucky to have Mr. Reidy; he’s an incredible asset and students will benefit for years to come from his involvement in their education.