Alina Kent

Gabriella Gates, Editorial Editor

Sophomore, Alina Kent has many hobbies and interests. She was in the chorus for 6 years, but isn’t doing it this year. However, she plans to join concert chorale or mixed chorus next year. In school she enjoys science class, but out of school she has many other hobbies. She likes to play video games, go hunting, draw, paint, watch Netflix, hang out with her friends, and clean. Although Alina enjoys many things, she has struggled. She moved around a lot when she was younger, so she was switching school districts, and it was hard for her to make friends. She still struggles to make friends, and she’s been in the district for five years, which is the longest she has ever stayed in one place. She advises her peers to do their best. She says,”It’s not hard to try, and some people think trying is just being there, but it takes more than just being there.”