Making a difference: Vickie’s Angel Foundation

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Karly Schweighart, Reporter

Do you know someone with cancer? On average 38% of people will be diagnosed or have already been diagnosed with cancer this year. That’s 2.9 billion people alone this year! As we know, cancer does not only affect your body, but it is also a financial burden. The cost of chemotherapy or radiation leaves little to no money left to pay bills. Thankfully, there is help available. 

Vickie’s Angel Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families fighting cancer pay for some of their bills. They have helped over two million people in the past fourteen years. This organization is located in New Cumberland and helps nine counties, including our own. 

The owner and founder of this organization, Mickey Minnich, started this foundation in 2003 after his wife passed away from cancer 17 years ago. He knows the struggles dealing with cancer, and how expensive it is. 

Vickie’s Angel Foundation helps families pay for basic financial needs such as rent, mortgage, car insurance, food and more. With basic bills covered, families have the money to pay for their medical treatment and expenses. So many people are diagnosed with cancer; the last thing they want is to struggle with finances. Vickie’s Angel Foundation assists with bills, so families can focus on what’s important ‒ their health! 

Mickey helps people with cancer, no matter the age or condition the patient is in. I know people who Vickie’s Angels have helped, one of them being my grandma. Mickey’s foundation helps so many people with the help of your donations. None of the donations Vickie’s Angel Foundation receives goes to research. It all goes to the families in need.

Mickey says the foundation’s goal is to be a temporary financial bridge for when patients need financial help. Helping Mickey achieve his goals is easy. All you have to do is pitch in.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

The Vickie’s Angels Walk is held every year to raise awareness for the foundation. This walk has raised over 2.6 million dollars in donations for more than 1,500 families in need. This year, the walk is on October 12th. During the fundraiser, there are games, food, music and so much more. People that are battling, or have won the battle against cancer share their stories with the crowd. The families that speak went to Mickey for help, and they received it. All the money given to patients by Mickey is from donations made by you.

 If you would like to come to the walk, register either on Vickie’s Angels website, or the day of the event. This annual walk is a great way to support a great cause and give families the support they need. Volunteering is also a great way to pitch in. Just go on and sign up for the different volunteer options. The options range from filing papers, sending out letters to families, and helping out in Mickey’s office. The more people volunteer and donate, the more families Vickie’s Angel Foundation can reach out to and help.