Ways to cheat the exercise system

Emma Brooks, Reporter

We’ve all seen the “creative ways to fit exercise into a busy schedule” articles online, and while they work extremely well and are pretty creative, they aren’t the most fun ways to do so. While parking further away from the store to get more steps in and riding a bike to school or work are shown to boost productivity, it can start to seem like a drag after doing it often (at least in my opinion). So I, a student who is often unmotivated to do these things, came up with ways that are not only fun but also encouraging to burn calories! 

 To start off, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. If you currently own or have the little amount of money needed to buy a Fitbit, Garmin, or another type of watches that specifically tracks your steps and heart rate, I 100% recommend buying one. If you have a friend who has one as well, you can connect with each other on the app that comes with the watch and race in competitions to see who gets the most steps during the day. This can not only strengthen a friendship, but it can also get you in shape at the same time.

 Another way to get moving is dancing! As simple as it seems, dancing is an excellent way to get the body engaged. All you have to do is play your favorite song and feel the beat! Oh, and while we’re on the topic of dancing… do you remember playing Just Dance games on your Wii when you were younger? Games such as the Just Dance series and Dance Dance Revolution are excellent ways to get your groove on with competition! 

If none of these amazing activities have piqued your interest yet, let me shine a light on the wonderful world of pets! Pets are one of the best ways to enjoy exercise without even realizing it! Take your dog out to play in the yard or on a walk around the neighborhood! Heck, even take your cat out! Before you know it, you burned 100 calories and have muddy paw prints all over your pants (but that’s the fun in life, right?). 

All I’m trying to say here is that exercise doesn’t always have to be grueling or difficult, and it can even sometimes be fun or turn into a hobby that you’ll continue doing throughout your future. However, these might not always be appealing or accessible to everyone, so those “creative ways to get exercise into your busy schedule” articles may be your best bet or be the best fit for your lifestyle! 

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