Shawna Goodyear

Gabriella Gates, Editorial Editor

Shawna Goodyear is a senior at MASH this year and is extremely interested in theater and art. She loves anything that has to do with art. Design, photography, coloring, fashion, dance, and any form of expressing yourself is amazing to her. It has helped to make her feel like she belongs in this world, and it has given her a purpose. Although Shawna has found herself in art, she has had to struggle. Her parents had split whenever she was about 5 years old. While it was hard, she learned that she was strong in her own shoes. She also learned that her mother is her hero for all that she has given to Shawna since they moved to Mechanicsburg. Shawna comments, ” I couldn’t feel more blessed to have the life I do. Is there anything I would change about it? Not a chance. My past has made me the strong person I am today. And I couldn’t be more proud of myself for conquering my anxieties to let myself show.” Shawna is extremely proud of what has led to her becoming the person that she is today. She says that one of the best moments of her life was, “Letting go of what our generation calls ‘toxic’ people. There have been many people I have called my friends, that I barely talk to today. While letting go of my closest peers has been a journey, it has helped to clear my mind and boost my confidence as a senior in high school. Throughout my four years here, I was a completely different person from my freshman year to right now, as a senior. Realizing that me, myself and I can accomplish so much on my own, without social pressure? It’s a huge weight off my shoulders.”
Shawna has had an incredible journey in her high school years. She would advise her peers to never be afraid to say no. She suggests, “If you’re ever feeling unmotivated to do a task…remember your end goal, and why you’re doing the said task in the first place. There may be so many times where you just feel like doing nothing or even feel LIKE nothing, but believe me, you are so much more than you think. And you have potential no matter who says what, even if it’s people you trust and love. You’re going to wake up as you go through your four years of high school, so take those chances.”