Mechanicsburg football starts the season off with a roar


Erin Harris, Sports Editor

For many, the start of school and the beginning of fall screams football. But this year, for the Mechanicsburg Football team, it also screams victory! Whether it be from the student section, the stands, or even in the press, cheers have been heard all around for the success of the team. 


Coming from multiple losing record seasons, the Mechanicsburg Football team came into this year showing everyone they are more than capable. 


Though they started off with a rough 24-10 loss to Carlisle, the team bounced back and didn’t give up. Since that Carlisle game, they’ve been 4-0, putting up a total of 138 points on their opponents. 


Not only is all of this success exciting for the town, but it is also surprising to some. Many fans came into this season weary of the outcomes, but this didn’t discourage the team. If anything, it fueled the boys to be even more determined to show everyone how far they’ve come. 


When asked if he was surprised by his team’s success, Caleb Brubaker, junior safety/wide receiver, answered, “I am not surprised that we’ve been winning games. I knew as soon as Micah started feeling good and the offense/defense clicked we were going to turn this program around.“


Working harder and harder every week, victory is all the boys strive for. Their success isn’t only measured in wins and losses, but also in all of their stats. 


Not only has the team run for a combined 761 yards, with senior Keegan Neill leading with 302 of those, but they have also had a total of 769 passing yards as well. 


Junior quarterback, Micah Brubaker, has also been a huge part of the team’s success by throwing for 756 yards and rushing for 279 yards. 


And don’t forget the brother-to-brother connection. Together, the Brubakers have scored 3 touchdowns.


Though the team is accomplishing incredible numbers, the chemistry off the field is just as important. 


“They treat each other like family, and they’ve always got each other’s backs. I couldn’t be more proud and excited about them as a team!” Coach Anthony Rose beamed. 


Breakfast on game days, team dinners, and going together to support Mechanicsburg’s other sports teams are just a few ways the team strengthens their bond. 


Micah Brubaker commented, “I just think it’s awesome to be part of a team that is taking the first steps in turning around the program.”


Along with the chemistry, the Mechanicsburg football team has been working on and creating the culture of the program that works for the team. 


Again, Coach Rose mentioned, “I’d say that this is a fantastic group of young men. They’ve come to work hard every day, and they’ve really bought into the system and culture we’re trying to instill.” 


This success has not come easily to the team, but by putting in the work, creating solid chemistry within the team, and creating a family-like culture, it all has paid off.


But this football team is far from done!


“We’re 0-0 every week, and we can never walk into a game thinking it’s going to be easy because it’s not. We just got to keep putting in work everyday and win the week. It feels great to finally be winning, but we need to keep that up. It feels good but not good enough,” Caleb Brubaker explained


Mechanicsburg’s fight (and hopeful success) will continue on Friday against Susquehanna Township. 


Picture By Abby Schultz