James Charles shocks followers with his downfall

Kristen Bolash, Entertainment Editor

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YouTube beauty star James Charles had a massive downfall last weekend when former best friend and fellow beauty star Tati Westbrook posted a video titled “BYE SISTER…” exposing his lies to her. Charles posted an advertisement on his Instagram story promoting Sugar Bear hair products, the rival brand to Westbrook’s Halo beauty brand. In the past, Charles has said multiple times he does not support Sugar Bear due to their formula and defective products. James Charles claimed he was scared at Coachella and Sugar Bear offered him artist VIP passes in return for a 24 hour advertisement.

Tati had proof of James going to drama channels beforehand to cover his story and his side. In the video, Westbrook also exposed Charles for sexualizing underaged boys and convincing sstraight men they are in fact gay. One of the most known parts of the story is the waiter scene. Tati explained they were at her birthday dinner and Janes was flirting with the waiter. Eventually she snapped telling James the man was straight and she even had to call all of the guests to apologize due to her own embarrassment.His excuse was “Well I’m a celebrity.”

This isn’t the first time Charles has been in scandals before. He claimed to have been making a documentary exposing the beauty community on YouTube. Apparently Tati was the one who discouraged James from making the documentary. Charles also had a huge falling out with fellow beauty star Jeffree Star. When the drama happened Jeffree tweeted, “There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our house again. There’s a reason why I haven’t seen him since @GlamLifeGuru’s birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true.”

James Charles has lost over 3.5 million subscribers in a week, the biggest loss in YouTube history. Sr. Mickie Bevan said, “I was never subscribed to James and I’m glad I never was. He seems like a fake person.” Sr. Brianna Folk agreed, “I’m glad I was never a follower and if I were in Tati’s position I would have done the same.”

It seems this drama always happens in the beauty community. Will James CHarles ever recover from this downfall? Tati says of course he will play victim now, but he is a 19 year old millionaire and needs to change his attitude.