Crossfit star looks to come back from injury in 2019 Crossfit games

Noelle England, Journalism I student

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Born September 12, 1992, in Reykjanesbaer, Iceland a future star was born. That star’s name is Ragnheidur Sara Sigmundsdóttir, mostly known as Sara Sigmundsdóttir. She was always competing in different sports, but she could never find the right one that suited her. As she got older and went through high school, she commented how she had a best friend who she was always with but things started going awry when her friend got a boyfriend, and she was left all alone. Apparently this persuaded her in to attend a boot camp where she discovered she was the only female who was able to do push-ups on her toes. This experience sparked a great interest for her in this type of activity, and she decided to go into weight lifting.  

In the year of 2012, Sigmundsdóttir graduated from her hometown high school in Iceland and later got a regular desk job. She did this while she was working on her fitness career. However, as she was proceeding with her work, she noticed how it interfered with her training. The more she worked out, the more it showed her passion in the field.

Just at the age of 17 in 2013, she participated in a Crossfit competition, which was conveniently held in Iceland. She ended up placing thirty-ninth, and this officially sparked her interest in competing. Later, she placed in the top five in the Crossfit open and won regionals;  she then went on to place 3rd in the 2015 and 2016 CrossFit games.

Iceland provided much support for her as a high-intensity fitness woman, but her real success was in the U.S.A. She ended up moving to Cookeville, Tennessee to train with Crossfit Team Mayhem. When asked about her stay, she commented, saying, “I LOVED IT!! The community in Mayhem was unreal.”

While training with Team Mayhem, she worked with Rich Froning, Jr., a well-known Crossfit legend who won the 2011, 2012, 2013, and the 2014 games. Sara stated, “I learned a lot, and enjoyed it so much… The team is just so helpful and supportive. And not only the team, everybody in Cookeville were so welcoming and willing to do everything to help me feel like I was at home.”

However, as sometimes happen when faced with such success, some come to a fork in the road, which is exactly what happened to Sigmundsdóttir. This incident wasn’t too long ago, happening in 2018. In the middle of the Crossfit games last year, she decided to withdraw due to a rib injury. She claimed, “It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life, but I have decided to withdraw from the competition due to a stress fracture injury on my rib.” She also added, “This decision is made after a consultation with my coach and doctors. There was only one decision to be made, and as much as I hate the fact that I am not going to finish this competition I know that this is the only right way to proceed.”

During the games, she debated back and forth whether it was serious or just a pain that would occur on and off. However, the pain started to grow and she still kept on denying its seriousness claiming that painkillers became her best friend, “Afterwards the pain got so much worse of course. I started Friday, still in denial, and after the ‘Clean and jerk ladder’ pain killers had become my best friend.”

She started to rely on the drugs until they didn’t even work. The workouts required for her to complete to be successful in the games almost became impossible. “I decided to keep on pushing today, regardless of all the alarm bells, but once I started warming up for events nine and 10 the pain had become so bad that I could not bend over to do a snatch or complete a muscle up on the bar.” Knowing her efforts were not going to yield her the results she wanted, she dropped out of the event.

Even though this was a tough decision on her part, she claims it will not bring her down and she will be back for more in the upcoming games. “One thing is for sure, I’ll be back. I have a really good feeling about what is in front of us, and I’m ready to push with everything I’ve got.”