Chipotle pales in comparison to local restaurant chain Neato Burrito

Jenna Archer, Journalism I Student

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Nestled in Windsor Park, there’s a restaurant that is popular among all ages. From teenagers stopping for an early dinner after school to grandparents taking their grandchildren for lunch, everyone can find something they’d enjoy at Neato Burrito.

Customers will know right away which store is Neato Burrito by the retro signs proclaiming it from above the doors. Walking in, they’re greeted with an abstract design concept. Funky lights hang above the green speckled booths matched with red checkered tables, giving off the illusion that you’ve taken your burrito out to enjoy on a picnic. Some of the weirder decorations include a set of antlers mounted to the wall.

When customers first reach the counter, they are greeted with a multitude of options advertised on black and white signs hanging above their heads. From the famous Cowboy Crunch to burrito bowls, there truly is an option for everyone.

Customers are first instructed to pick from a list of eight tortillas or asked if they want crushed tortilla chips, if getting a bowl. Then, they choose what kind of rice they want, their protein, chili or refried beans, and are asked if they want cheese as their burritos are shoved into a small oven to allow it to melt. The last steps include picking the vegetables, guacamole, or salsas wanted, and the burrito is pressed in a grill.

When it makes it to the end of the line, it is wrapped in tin foil, labeled, and place into a brown paper bag stamped with the restaurant’s logo.

However Neato Burrito doesn’t just serve delicious burritos, they also serve unique sodas to wash it all down with. They have their own brand of craft sodas called “Sharkzilla,” which come in every flavor from Cola to wilder ones like Watermelon.

Customers have the opportunity to join a rewards program that gifts returning customers with coupons for 10% of their next purchase or for free burritos. It is a great money-saving option for all burrito lovers.

While Neato Burrito may just be available in Central Pennsylvania for the time being, people from all over the coast have grown to love their food. Maryland resident and Towson University student, Bryce Miller Dickson, exclaims, “I’d be willing to drive the two hours up to Pennsylvania, just for one of Neato’s Cowboy crunches!” Luckily for you, that won’t be necessary, it’s just a short drive to any nearby Neato Burrito.

Still wondering why you should pick up your next dinner from Neato Burrito? Avid fan, Ayasia Lay, makes it clear when she says, “They have the best burritos in town!”