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Najmo Jire, Journalism I student

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In life everyone will face obstacles that they have to overcome. Adults, kids, and especially high schoolers have to find ways to overcome their obstacles. They need to this in order to achieve their goals and ninth grader, Sandy Liu, is a shining example of someone who faces obstacles to accomplish their goals.

Liu, a ninth grader at MASH, loves to design and create new things especially clothes. She said with pride that she loves fashion and “ doing DIY’s”. Aside from having an interest in fashion, at home she assumes the role of the older sister to her three little sisters, who, although they can be annoying, provide joy and uniqueness in her everyday life.

Being an older sister has helped her with her other jobs she has. Like working at her family’s chinese restaurant, Happy Garden. This requires a lot of responsibility and certain skills needed that she gets from being an older sister. Being a high schooler also helps teach her and prepare her for the current and upcoming responsibilities that she’ll have to assume, even though she enjoyed middle school a lot more than high school. Despite this, high school gives her a lot of new opportunities that she never thought she’d have. She feels that it stimulates a lot of real life experiences like job shadows and interviews.

Just like high school is helping her with life,her parents also play a huge part in influencing her. She has taken away many lessons from her parents. “ It’s good to have a little responsibility to help prepare you for life. Set realistic goals and allow your dreams to run wild.”, says sandy. Her family has raised her with great morals which, in turn, paved the way for her academic and social achievements.

According to one of her peers, Sandy Liu, is a creative and thoughtful person. When dealing with a problem, Sandy,”thinks a lot about creative solutions to try to mitigate or solve the problem. She has her own way of dealing with things that allows her to stand out from everyone,” says Raihana Yameogo, a fellow ninth grade classmate.

When asked about her goals and dreams Liu explained how she believes that there are certain skills and attributes needed to accomplish your goal. She says that being responsible, perseverance, unconstrained or being able to try things, and self hope are all things needed to follow through on your goals.

In her mind goals are different from dreams in many ways. She explains, “ Goals can be accomplished whereas most dreams are unrealistic. However they can both be either realistic or unrealistic, but it depends on the type of goal or dream you want to achieve. Most people’s goals are to be successful or being happy with their life.” Liu’s goals are a lot similar in that sense. She wants to maintain her current academic status and continue to work hard throughout high school and college. Her career path  leans more towards design, as she wants to be a fashion designer.