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Alex Nissley, Journalism I student

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On October 5th, 2018 the album Trench was released by the artist Twenty One Pilots. The release had been highly anticipated by fans all over the world.  A month or so before the album release, a total of four songs had already been out, Jumpsuit, Levitate, My Blood, and Nico and The Niners. Leaving the fans in a constant state of excitement to hear the other songs they had coming out.


The morning it came out was a great morning, considering I had been a big fan of them for about three years. The first two songs had already been released, but I listened again anyway. Trench follows a very complicated story line based off of an old story about Banditos and the city of Dema.


Jumpsuit kicks off the album with a great bass and heavy drums from the drummer Josh Dun. After the intro the singing turns into a more mellow vibe. Towards the end of the song there is a soft part where the only instrument is a piano and Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, singing. It then picks up again with drums and electric guitar. Overall the song is great and amazing for jamming out.


Levitate is the next song on the album, this song may not be for everyone considering it’s all rap. This rap however is not the “hip” kind, it’s lyrics hold a lot of meaning. The instruments mainly consist of drums and sound effects along with vocals of course.


The 3rd song on the album is Morph, it starts out with a main sound effect the progresses into drums. The lyrics then begin, if you listen close to what he’s saying the lyrics are really deep and meaningful. It’s about if his character leaves Dema will he change into someone new or always remain the same. The 2nd verse is a slower rap that references a main character in the story line, Nicolas Bourbaki.


My Blood, this song has a good feel to it and the lyrics have a sweet feel that makes you feel safe in a way. The beginning of the song is light, but it soon becomes heavier with an electric guitar and drums. This song is about how no matter what happens he’ll stick by your side and always be there for you.


After My Blood, is Chlorine, a song that can be described as a bop. The song is upbeat and great for jamming out and singing aloud. It’s one of their most popular on this album. The beat drops a couple times, adding to the fun factor of this song. Although this song is fun, it holds a deeper meaning.