AP European History class participates in “March Madness”

Drue Cappawana, Opinion Editor

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Over the past month, in preparation for the upcoming AP exam, AP European History students, including me, across the country have voted on a March Madness-style bracket of prominent figures in European history. In Mrs. Whitman’s period three AP European History class, we participated in the event, and it was a subject of conversation between students and staff schoolwide.

The voting ended this week, with Martin Luther, the leader of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, being voted the most influential figure in European history over Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press.

Although Luther and Gutenberg consistently find themselves in the Final Four during this parodical tournament, other European historical figures found themselves upsetting major names, including German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck upsetting British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the first round.

Most AP European History students were pleased to hear of Luther’s triumph over Gutenberg, although some were disappointed to hear that Gutenberg had been defeated.

One teacher, Mrs. Chow, was especially disappointed to hear of Gutenberg’s defeat. She had just three letters for the result: “SMH.”

Photo Creds: Drue Cappawana

The AP European History students are preparing for AP exams, which begin on May 6. Our AP European History exam is May 8. This tournament is a great source of review for the entirety of the course, as figures were featured from the Renaissance (ex. Leonardo Da Vinci) until the 1980s (ex. Margaret Thatcher).

Good luck to every student taking an AP exam in May, and best of luck to all students down the home stretch of the school year!