Underclassman advice

Regyna Gantt, Editor in Chief

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While it’s not too hard to find your way through high school eventually, it could definitely be easier. Everybody always talks about how much they wish they knew before going into highschool, so I put together a list of tips from Seniors here at MASH. Everybody is different and some of these things might not work best for every single student, but you never know what could work for you and help you to succeed in school.

  1. Do your homework/ maintain your grades. It’s so easy to get behind in High School. Missing just an assignment or two can be detrimental to your grade and cause you mountains of stress. The best thing to do is just complete all of your assignments and study for any big tests. While many people don’t use agendas when they get to High School and beyond, they are great ways to keep organized. Personally, I could not have made it through my time here without my planners!
  2. Find things you enjoy doing, even if it’s just one thing. Life is only as fun as you make it. There are a plethora of clubs, sports, and extracurriculars you can join, and having something you enjoy doing can make school more fun, relieve your stress, and give you the opportunity to meet new people.
  3. Be friendly with everyone. The biggest trap you can fall into in high school is drama. In order to avoid that and thrive, be sure to be kind to everyone and try and make friends with people from all cliques and circles.
  4. Try not to miss too much school. The easiest way to keep up with your work and maintain excellent grades is to have good attendance. Makeup work is no joke and not every teacher is going to be lenient about it. Also, having to deal with makeup work can just add piles of stress into your life.
  5. Don’t stress about your future….too much. It is definitely important to focus on your future and set yourself up for success, but it will not help you at all to dwell on it the entirety of your time at MASH. You have plenty of time to figure your life out and chances are, it’s not going to go exactly the way you planned your freshman year.
  6. Do your graduation project. My last piece of advice, and the thing that I will stress the most, is keeping up with your grad project. If you keep yourself on track, you will find that senior year comes a lot easier with the presentation done and over with by September. Use your time in Career Development, as well as your study halls, to get it done.

Advice from other seniors:

“Don’t underestimate the work load or how hard the work is, and remember that High School is very different than middle school, the work is harder and everything is more high stakes.” -Michaela Gruber

“Take advantage of all of the subject opportunities there are! I took technology and stuck with it, and I loved it, and there’s so many electives, clubs, extracurriculars, etc that are available to take.” -Nik Roesner

“One thing I would say is really important is just to stay on the right path. Don’t do drugs, make responsible dating choices, and practice safe sex. Love doesn’t protect you from stds or pregnancy.” -Brianna Folk

“Don’t do drugs and don’t hang with the wrong people. Also, If you find something you like doing, stick with it for sure. My biggest regret is not sticking with wrestling.” -Noah Doss

“It will be really helpful to make relationships with your teachers. They are a resource to you and you should use them as such. They can help you with schoolwork, offer you guidance, and overall make your school experience better. ” – Lindsey Costello

“The only thing I really regret about my time in high school is not getting involved with more extracurriculars. Being a part of things makes school more enjoyable and allows you to have friends that you might not typically be friends with. ” – Rozlynne Dealy

“I would recommend that you don’t overload yourself with a bunch of difficult classes and keep up with your grades so you don’t have to take all of the finals.” -Kristen Bolash