Earth Day celebrations

Evalyne Simpson, Feature's editor

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Earth day is an annual holiday that is celebrated to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  It is recognized in more than 193 countries around the globe. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22.

Earth day was founded in 1970 as a day of environmental education. It was inspired by environmental protests in the 60s. Pollution was the main environmental issue back then. During the 1970s, many important environmental laws were passed (Earth Day…) .

Earth Day celebrations have grown immensely since it was founded in 1970. Today, more than one billion people celebrate Earth Day (EDN). People from all around the world come together to find solutions for pressing environmental issues. Climate change, deforestation, and animal endangerment, are a few current issues that Earth Day focuses on.

Earth Day 2019 is focused on protecting endangered species. The global destruction and population reduction of species is directly related to human activity. Earth Day coordinators believe humans should take responsibility for our actions and try to stop animal extinction in its path. People everywhere are challenged to educate others and raises awareness about the problem. New environmental policies need to be adopted in order to save these animals and their habitats.

During the month of April, America holds volunteer clean ups across across the country. Pollution is a growing problem that poisons our water sources, increases carbon emissions, and puts our animals in danger (EDN). Clean ups are held in many different communities across the country. The closest coordinated volunteer clean up is in Pittsburgh. You can sign up on the Earth Day Network website. But if you can’t make it to Pittsburgh, you can help by picking up trash in your own community.

There are a number of ways to get involved on Earth Day. Many festivals and events are held throughout PA. Mechanicsburg is holding an Earth Day festival on April 20. The event will be held in downtown Mechanicsburg from 9:00 through 3:00 pm. There will be music, workshops, vendors, and activities. York is also holding an Earth Day parade. There will also be musical performances by local bands. The event is on April 19 from 10:00am through 3:00pm. Participating shops and restaurants throughout downtown York will offer green-themed events and promotions. The Wetlands Festival allows people to learn about different species while enjoying nature. The festival is held at Wildwood State Park. There are a variety of wildlife exhibits as well as programs by Zoo America.

Now more than ever, it’s important to care of the environment. Earth Day brings awareness to environmental issues and gets people involved. We should all do our part to help the environment.