MASH Torch Teacher Superlatives

Drue Cappawana, Opinion Editor

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Over the past week, MASH students and teachers have voted on a MASH Torch poll on teacher superlatives. Now, the votes have been counted and the winners are below! (Photo Creds: Victoria Yother)

Funniest Teachers:

Mr. Vriens, Mr. Motter, and Mrs. Whitman

Most “Chill” Teachers:

Mr. Stough and Mrs. Weidman

Most School Spirited:

Mr. Laudenslager and Ms. Earley

Best Dressed:

Mr. Luttermoser and Mrs. Valentine


Mr. Reidy and Mrs. Befort

Rookies of the Year:

Herr Paul and Ms. Little

Most Active:

Mr. Reardon, Mr. Cochran, Mr. Woodworth, Mr. Minnich, and Ms. Gonder

Best Rooms:

Mr. Motter and Mrs. Bohrer

Most Tech-Savvy:

Mr. Reidy and Mrs. Buck

Best Bromance:

Mr. Strickler and Mr. Erney

Best Womance:

Ms. Earley and Mrs. Rosenberry


Thank you to all 302 people who voted!