Wildview: MASH alumni on her freshman year in college

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Wildview: MASH alumni on her freshman year in college

Victoria Yother, Chief Photographer

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It’s been almost a year since we had to say goodbye to the senior class of 2018. As current MASH seniors are all soon heading in different directions, MASH students are looking for the inside scoop on what it’s really like at college. Current Elizebethtown College freshman, Olivia Gaughan, is happy to share her experiences! Gaughan was part of the swim and softball team and threw for track her senior year at MASH. Academically, she was part of the National Art Honor Society and was an avid reader, participating in the school’s book club. So, let’s hear what Gaughan has to say! :


Q: What do you miss most about MASH?

A: I miss hanging out with my high school friends and going to different school events with them.


Q: What MASH classes do you recommend to prepare students for after high school?

A: I recommend taking Personal Finance because my friends took it and they thought it was a beneficial class. It teaches you the basics of how to maintain your finances once you’re living on your own.


Q: Do you have any tips for picking the right school?

A: My best tip for picking the right college is to go with your gut feeling. When you visit a college make sure you can really see yourself there for the next four years. Also, make sure that the college checks off almost all of the items on your college wish list (size, location, activities, etc.).


Q: Why did you choose Elizabeth Town College for your post-high school education?

A: I chose Elizabethtown College because I wanted to go to a smaller school that was closer to home. I loved the friendly atmosphere of the college and how helpful all of the students and professors were. As I finish up my first year, I can definitely say that E-town has become a second home to me!


Q: How different is the MASH atmosphere then Elizabethtown’s?

A: College is different than high school because the professors assign you a lot more work. Even though the workload may seem overwhelming, it gets easier to handle once you figure out which study techniques work best for you. Another major difference between high school and college is that you will have more free time. Most students only take four classes each semester which gives them the opportunity to join clubs or intramural teams. I highly suggest joining clubs or intramural teams because they are a great way to stay active on campus and to meet new people!


Q: What’s the scariest part of college?

A: The most nerve-racking part of college was orientation weekend because it felt like we were constantly on the go. I moved into my dorm, met my roommate, said goodbye to my family, and then I was off participating in different events for the rest of the weekend. Orientation definitely put me out of my comfort zone because I had to make new friends right off the bat; however, it helped me to find my core friend group. So the best advice that I can give you is to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because great things could happen!

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Wildview: MASH alumni on her freshman year in college