Captain Marvel flies through the box office on opening weekend

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Captain Marvel flies through the box office on opening weekend

Kristen Bolash, Entertainment Editor

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Captain Marvel took the box office domestically and internationally higher, further and faster. It is in the top ten of the highest grossing movies on opening night. Despite negative assumptions about the movie, Captain Marvel proved that Marvel Studios is still capable of producing a well written, comic accurate origin story. This review will contain minor spoilers for the movie.

Unlike most origin movies that have a slow introduction to introduce every character, this one starts in the middle of the Kree/Skrull war and has instant action. Right away it is known Vers has no memory of her past. The supreme intelligence is different to everyone, you see the most important person in your life through it, but Vers does not recognize hers. After fighting Skrulls, Vers falls onto Earth. The moment Vers lands on earth the movie picks up in plot, action and humor. Carol and Fury’s interactions are the center of this film, Brie Larson and Samuel Jackson fit together amazingly. The movie does an excellent job at recreating the 90s, especially with Blockbuster, Radio Shack and slow internet. Yes, there are moments of this film the audience is stuck on a cliffhanger because of slow internet or internet failures.

Maria Rambeau was the fan favorite of this film by far. Seeing her friendship with Carol is impactful and shows why family isn’t always our blood relatives. Maria is funny, charismatic and loving. Her daughter, Monica, was also a standout. She looks up to Carol and admires both her mom and Carol’s determination. She even encourages Maria to join Carol in space. And hint hint, Monica had the Captain Marvel name before Carol did. SHe now goes by Spectrum. It is quite possible to see her as a hero in a future movie.

This film was insanely comic book accurate, and that is coming from someone who knows Carol Danvers’ story best. They kept the basic origin of Carol’s powers everyone knows and they changed it slightly but still kept everything in line and relevant. The biggest difference was Mar-Vell’s story, but even that change didn’t entirely mess up the story we know. They also included the biggest twist of Goose the cat, possibly one of the best parts of the movie.

The film did have some minor flaws. First, when Carol goes binary towards the end of the film the CGI got a little poor. I understand Brie does not actually have superpowers but it looked like i was watching an animated movie. Second, most of the movie was shown in trailers. That’s the point of a trailer, but there are no different scenes of Carol in the Air Force than there are in the trailers and they definitely should have saved the binary powers for the movie, But there were quite a few lines from the trailers that were unused. Third, there wasn’t enough of Carol’s backstory such as why she joined the Air Force. It is such a big part of who she is. The only little thing said was when Monia told Carol while showing her pictures “You didn’t get along with your family.” There were also a few characters I felt were very hyped up to be in this movie and had the most minor roles.

Overall, Brie Larson did an amazing job portraying Captain Marvel.Sometimes lines in Marvel films aren’t delivered well and can be cringeworthy but Brie was amazing at her delivery. The fight scenes were well executed and the CGI of Samuel Jackson’s deaging was outstanding. It had a good 90s theme but wasn’t overdone. It was a refreshing origin movie told in flashbacks, no other Marvel Studios movie has that. Opening night Captain Marvel hit the sales number critics said it would never past and it’s only going to fly higher like Carol herself.



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Captain Marvel flies through the box office on opening weekend