2019 movie reviews

Emma Brooks, Reporter

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Fighting With My Family:

The movie starts in England in the year 2000 following two kids fighting over a TV show, encouraged by their parents. It then cuts to years in the future, when the kids are older and are beginning to help their parents train wrestlers. They struggle to find a substantial income until a professional trainer signs the protagonist, Paige, to their company. The girl then moves to Florida and has trouble adapting to the new lifestyle. Eventually, the movie  goes off to show her struggles, socially, financially, and physically. Since they were children, Paige and her brother, Zac, had the dream of becoming professional wrestlers. However, when she gets the position and he doesn’t, her brother is crushed and tension forms between them. The two are soon able to overcome their challenges and become close again. Despite the fact that drama and sports movies aren’t ones I would usually watch , this movie was one of the best i’ve seen in a long time. When I watched this with my family, we were all very enthralled in the movie and rated it an 8/10.  

Isn’t it Romantic:

The main character, Natalie, who works as an architect in NYC, is torn when her best friend tells her she’s not very “open.” She hops on the train one day and ventures out to start leading a more open lifestyle, but is stopped when a stranger tries to steal her purse. She successfully regains it, but ends up hitting her head on a pole, injuring herself. She wakes up in an “alternate universe” ER and later finds out that she is irresistible and that her life is running much smoother than it was before the accident. The movie takes us on an adventure through multiple different occasions to show how her life has changed and she eventually realizes that he life has become a PG-13 rom-com movie. She really dislikes what has happened and tries to reverse it, but is unsuccessful. All-in-all, this movie is great for a friends night out or a family night in. My rating is 9/10.

Run The Race:

As I mentioned before, I don’t  typically enjoy drama/sport movies, but this movie brought out a side of me I never knew I had. In the film, brothers, Zach and David, are both trying to obtain scholarships by playing football. They want to get out of the small town they live in and the only way to do that is to get a scholarship. Zach ends up with an injury that puts him on the sidelines and ends up depending completely on his brother to get the scholarship that could ultimately get them out of their hometown and into college. The movie goes through the struggles that both boys go through, from the loss of their mom and abandonment of their father to Zach’s injury, and David’s playing skills. It provides an in-depth look inside their lives. If you are looking for a tear-ridden film to watch, Run The Race is the perfect movie to do so. My official rating is a 10/10, because of all the emotions it was able to provoke.