Differences between comics and movies: Infinity War

Kristen Bolash, Entertainment Editor

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Movies based on comics books have been one of the most popular forms of movies. They have generated a fanbase of their own. But without reading the comics, there are key plotlines and characters viewers are missing out on.

One of the most popular, if not most popular, movie of 2018 was Avengers: Infinity war. This movie was supposed to be a combination of the comic book events the Infinity Gauntlet and infinity.  One of the biggest differences between the book and movie were the key cosmic characters Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer being absent. Warlock and Silver surfer were the characters who informed Doctor Strange about the threat of Thanos and his gauntlet.

It is an odd choice of the cinematic universe for not including Warlock since the beginning. He is the embodiment of the Soul Stone in the comics, the leader of Guardians of the Galaxy and the Infinity Watch. He is the main enemy of Thanos and Gamora’s love. Warlock is one of the few other characters to hold the Infinity Gauntlet. Another character essential to Thanos’ character is Lady Death. Lady death is the reason Thanos is why he is. While on Titan, she made him fall in love with killing. The more he killed the more she claimed to have loved him too. When he started the quest for the stones it was only to impress her. One stone wasn’t enough and neither was two. Two became three and soon Thanos had gathered all six stones for his true love, who couldn’t have cared less about the stones by now.

Another difference was the dusting of the heroes. In the Infinity Gauntlet Everything begins when 50% of the universe is sent to an alternate universe. In the movie this happens at the end with no context. If this were to have happened at the beginning, most confusion would have been taken from viewers. But having it at the end leaves for a good part two.

One of the most famous panels from the story is Nebula with the gauntlet. Most cinematic fans see this image with no context and get excited. In reality, Nebula wants the same as Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet. She is power-hungry and as big of a threat to life as Thanos with the gauntlet.Along with this, many are speculating that Nebula should kill Thanos. Canonly, Doctor Strange puts Thanos in the Negative Zone. When asked by the other heroes why he did not kill him, Strange tells them: “Without Thanos, the picture is incomplete.”

In the Infinity story, Thanos’ son, Thane, is introduced. He is an Inhuman, a race of people who gain powers through a mist. Thane is absent in the film and so are the Inhumans. Marvel has tried to introduce the INhumans through their television show, but unfortunately the show was not a success. But in part 2, this story may not be a bad way to go. The Inhumans set off a bomb of mist that activates all other Inhumans powers. But it harms mutants, leading to a war of Inhumans vs X-Men. With the rights of the X-Men now acquired by Disney, this may be their gateway.

Although there are differences with the movies, comic readers should still appreciate their favorite heroes being given the chance of being in a film. It is a separate “Universe,” so everything that happens in movies is still technically canon.