Wildcat Production produces “The Newsies”

Regyna Gantt, Editor in Chief

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As the end of February approaches, we are getting closer to the school musical. This year, Wildcat Productions will be producing The Newsies. The cast, crew, and Mr. Kaslusky have been working hard since after Christmas break to bring you the tale of Jack Kelly and his struggle to make money as a newspaper salesman. 

Mr. Kaslusky commented on why they choose The Newsies, saying, “Each year we look for a show that feature our students’ strengths and push them to grow further. Newsies does just that. It offers a chance to feature many students and allow them to grow as performers.”

The musical is based in New York City and follows the real life newsboy strike of 1899. Jack Kelly leads the strike along with brothers, Davey and Les, hoping to bring an end to the unfair pricing of Pulitzer and Hearst’s papers. As the events of the strike unfold, Kelly falls in love and dreams of a better life far from the brutal streets of New York.

The musical has a number of unforgettable songs, including “Santa Fe”, “Sieze the Day”, “King of New York”, and “Carrying the Banner.” Along with these memorable tunes, cast members have been learning numerous dances to accompany the music.

Cast member and senior, Sarah Defalcis says, “I do dance in the show. There is a tap number in the second act for the song “King of New York” and it’s amazing. Our choreographer is Mr. K ‘s wife, Miss Katherine. She is a goddess and pushes us all to do our best.  The show would not happen without her.”

Mr. Kaslusky mentioned that one of the struggles of the show has been the choreography. The show is very high energy, which can be hard for students to keep up with. The cast has actually taken time to build up their endurance and they participated in running workouts to build up their strength and balance.

The music and dancing aren’t the only areas audience members will enjoy. Under the direction of Mr. Brown and Mrs. Giblin, the stage and paint crew have been working tirelessly to bring the cityscape to life. The tech crew, led by Mr. Stern, has been preparing all of the sound equipment and lighting necessary to put on a quality show. Finally, without the production crew, who have been working behind the scenes to manage the money, program, and ticket sales, the show would not go on. Mr. Shoemaker, a seasoned veteran, has led the production team for many years.

Sarah Defalcis explained all of the preparations the cast and crew have been taking care of, saying, “So many different preparations went into the musical. The cast was involved in dance and work out prep classes before auditions. Production team has been selling advertisements and doing everything they can to make the production even be able to happen. Planning really began back last April when they decided The Newsies was the show they were doing.”

“So many people do so many things behind the scenes. People spend hours upon hours at the school getting things done. Senior, Maddie Simpson, has been interning with Mr. K for this production and she spends 12 plus hours a day at the school preparing costumes and doing odd projects.”

There have been a few setbacks during the building of the set, but according to Mr. Kaslusky, things are moving along quickly. This years set is big, but simple, making it easy to create multiple settings with just one piece.

All in all, the cast and crew have put so much hard work into this show and its going to be great! Don’t forget to come out and the see the musical opening day! The show days are February 28th at 6:30 pm, March 1st & 2nd at 7:30 pm (dinner theater @ 5:30 pm), and March 3rd at 2:00 pm.

Main cast:

Reid Fournier as Jack Kelly

Sarah Defalcis as Katherine Plumber

Josiah Truitt as Davey

Gabe Clukey as Crutchie

Micah Collins as Joseph Pulitzer

Megan Collins as Medda Larkin

Daniel Wenger as Les (Thurs/Saturday)

Joseph Kaslusky as Les (Fri/Sun)

12 Newsies and Spot:

Kyle Fake

Christian Yeager

Nathan Hurley

Julia Rioux

Corey Czyzyk

Trent Yatsky

Grace Miller

Spencer Doughty

Chase Gillis

Luke Hopkins

Jonathan Jedrzejek

Sarah Moll

Office Team:

Kaitlyn Booth

Ethan Lambert

Carter Leatherman

Hannah Riordan

Paper Team:

Nathanael Hulshizer

Galen Allison

Jonathan Bulgrien