Newly renovated Kindergarten Academy is complete

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Newly renovated Kindergarten Academy is complete

Lily Eckroth

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The Mechanicsburg Area School District is fast growing and developing, requiring the school buildings to advance and meet the needs of students. The project is called “MASD on the Move,” and it started over the summer prior to the 2018-2019 school year. More recently, in the beginning of January, the new Kindergarten Academy was completed. However, all throughout the district, primary and secondary schools are beginning to be renovated.


The Kindergarten Academy was in need of an expansion because of the immense amount of new students enrolling into the district. In the 2008-2009 school year, there were 280 students attending the Kindergarten Academy with 13 classes. Now, 10 years later, there are nearly 100 more students and a need for 16 classes. The construction has brought changes for staff and students attending the school. Mrs. Healey, Principal of the Kindergarten Academy, states, “Temporary walls have been built to shield the students and staff from the renovations to part of the existing building. While some think that the construction has been a distraction, it’s actually the opposite. Our students have enjoyed watching the construction every day.” No doubt the building project has affected the students’ day to day experience at school.


Not surprisingly, the new Kindergarten Academy will bring an immense amount of benefits to the staff and students. The technology and new types of learning spaces brought to the students with this renovation will change their overall school experience. Superintendent, Dr.Leidy, coveys,  “Open collaborative spaces will allow several classes to meet together for learning opportunities. A new multipurpose room will provide space during the day for lunch, assemblies, PE and other events and in the evening for activities.” Updates were given to the library, gym and playground to allow students to learn and interact with their peers and teachers in a better environment.


Despite the benefits of such an expansion, the young age of students attending the Kindergarten Academy could make it hard for them to adjust to the new building. The different locations of classrooms and addition of new classroom spaces may take time for kids to fully transition. Dr.Leidy shares,  “The students used a different entrance starting at the beginning of the year that connected to a new parking lot that was built to serve the building. Once students arrived in their classrooms very little was different for them. Over winter break, we were able to move several classrooms into the new wing.” However, adapting to the new ways of the Kindergarten Academy is now simple for the students, due to the immense amount of help from people working within the district.

The Kindergarten Academy is just one of the many projects MASD on the Move is focusing on. The newly built neighborhoods and high concentration of families moving into the district has resulted in a need for expansion on all other schools. According to Mrs. Healey, “All the other primary schools will be going through renovations as well.  Shepherdstown and Upper Allen Elementary Schools will be next to be renovated. There are also plans for the secondary schools to upgrade their spaces.” Current and future MASD students will thrive from the beneficial building projects that are changing the way of learning for the residents of Mechanicsburg, Shiremanstown, and Grantham who attend school in the district.

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Newly renovated Kindergarten Academy is complete