Wildviews with Maddie Hurst

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Wildviews with Maddie Hurst

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As the weather gets colder, this year’s girls basketball season is just starting to heat up. Under the coaching of Coach Clay McAllister, the Lady Wildcats are currently 4-0 ( in their division their 2-0 ). Playing guard for the Wildcats this season is Sr. # 3 Maddie Hurst. Hurst has been playing basketball since she was just a young girl and is excited to be playing her senior year for Mechanicsburg. Here are some inside views of the team from Hurst’s eyes:

Q) What’s your favorite thing about basketball?

A)Playing with all the girls on the team, and the coaching staff. They are enjoyable people to be around on and off the court. You feel like a huge family.

Q) How does the team keep drama off the court?

A)Everyone on the team knows that when it comes to game time, it’s about the game. You keep your opinions and problems away until after the game. But luckily with this team, there has been no drama.

Q) What are some of the strengths of the team?

A)Everyone’s knows their roles on the team. We are supportive of each other, and we are always picking one another up. There are multiple girls and coaches who do not want to see you fail or struggle, so if they sense you are there is always someone there having your back or giving you a little boost.

Q) How do you balance homework with basketball?

A)Personally, I try to get as much homework done as I can in my study halls. Other times I will do it before a game, or before practice. Sometimes I wake up early in the morning to get it done. Either way, it always gets finished.

Q) Is it difficult having a winter break in the middle of your season?

A)I feel like winter break is the best thing for us. It gives us a break mentally and physically from school and basketball. It gives us time to re-energize. The basketball team also has a tournament over winter break, so it gives the team more time for bonding which is always a positive activity.

Q) Who are some of your biggest competitors?

A)Our biggest competitors this year are probably Lower Dauphin, Cedar Cliff, and Bishop McDevitt. They are always the most difficult because they have a good program every year and just well-rounded athletes. They compete and play hard, but the only thing we can do is play our best and play as we do.

Q) What makes this year’s team different than any other winter sports team?

A)This team is different from any others because we have nothing to lose.. due to last year’s season, no one expects anything from us. The only people we have to prove wrong on being good, are ourselves. We are our biggest competition.

Q) What are some of the teams biggest goals?

A)The biggest goal is basically just being better than last year. Having a season that no one expects from us. Qualifying for districts, and honestly just having a fun time playing with each other. That’s the only thing we can ask for, having a great time playing and an  amazing season together as a team.