Gifts for the technology lovers

Kristen Bolash, Entertainment Editor

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We all know someone who’s impossible to buy for. There’s nothing specific that they need and they’ll offer no ideas for gifts. One easy gift for nearly anyone this Christmas is a tech related gift ranging from a drone to phone stand.

Two of the biggest and arguably most controversial technological gifts are a drone and a hoverboard. They have both been victims to the cheap and faulty mainstream tech gifts and have had poor reviews. In 2016 the hoverboard was most known for exploding into flames. Drones have flown through windows and have even given Groom’s concussions at their weddings. But not all drones and hoverboards are faulty. There are legitimate hoverboard companies and for more money you can get someone a certified hoverboard. The drone’s have undergone regulations and certifications for fliers. In order to even fly your drone for a hobby you need to have your drone registered with the FAA. Some towns and cities don’t even allow drones, such as Pittsburgh, so you need to check local and state laws. It’s not a bad thing to gift either of these items, those kids on hoverboards and drones can go somewhere in the future with their knowledge at a young age.

A commonly talked about technology gift (and meme) is the Amazon Alexa. Alexa was made in 2014 and took off instantly. The Alexa is a hands-free device with voice recognition. Simply say, “Alexa…” and ask it a question such as “what’s the weather like today?” When connected with other Amazon devices, Alexa can follow your commands and control the devices.

Though more pricey, for someone who likes to cook check out smart appliances. They range from the Samsung smart refrigerator to the Amazon microwave (Alexa compatible). There are ice makers, frying pans that teach you how to cook, thermometers and blenders that are all considered “smart.”Obviously all of the tasks these appliances can do are easily done without a smart appliance, so before you spend money on one of these items, make sure the person will use the gift.

For anyone with a smartphone, an easy gift is a new phone case, a Popsocket or a phone holder for their car. Phone cases can show someone’s personality from a sports team to a liquid litter case. Popsockets are one of the newer phone trends. They’re used so there’s an easier grip on your phone. Both phone cases and popsockets are customizable. Shutterfly and other photo services oftentimes offer a discount towards the holidays. For someone who likes road trips or travels for work, a phone holder for the car can be useful to see the GPS hands free. Also a Spotify Premium membership can be a great gift for a music lover. Spotify for only $10 per month has any song available.

If you’re stuck on one person who’s hard to buy for, think about something relating to technology. For any hobby technology can be incorporated. But remember, it’s the thought that counts.