Glamour Gals eases senior loneliness in a fun way

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Glamour Gals eases senior loneliness in a fun way

Evalyne Simpson, Features editor

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Glamour Gals is an organization that provides makeovers to seniors in nursing homes. Its official mission is to inspire and organize teen volunteers to provide ongoing companionship and complimentary beauty makeovers to women living in senior homes. Glamour Gals has over 1,700 volunteers and operates in 16 states. Pennsylvania happens to be one of those states.

We have a Glamour Gals club here at our school, ran by Susana Gaither. As the president, Susana sets up makeovers with Bethany Towers, contacts the national Glamour Girls organization for supplies, and coordinates with volunteers.

The Mechanicsburg Glamour Gals group visits Bethany Towers once a month. Susana adds, “We paint the ladies’ nails, do their makeup, chat, and eat snacks. It’s a lot of fun and the ladies at Bethany Towers love it!” The main goal of the club is to fight senior loneliness and build communication and leadership skills in its volunteers.

Glamour Gals allows volunteers to build relationships with the ladies at Bethany Towers. “I love how involved I have grown in the lives of the women who live at Bethany Towers. I know about their pets, grandchildren, and lives, and they know about my friends, classes, and struggles!” The club also helps tackle a big issue among elderly people, loneliness. Susana describes the club as being able to “ease the loneliness of women in our community in a fun way.” Just think about how lonely it must be to stay in a nursing home everyday without your friends or family. Glamour Gals gives the women some interaction while allowing them to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Marissa Dugan is a MASH student involved in Glamour Gals. Marissa describes the club as “an amazing experience.” She really enjoys the club and has learned so much from the women. “They always have the best advice on how to never give up on your goals in life and to learn to appreciate your family. Appreciating your family is really made known by all of the ladies taking so much pride in their grandkids. Not only do they give great advice, but these ladies are so inspiring. I once met a 92 year old woman who told me that my smile brightens the world. She then continued to tell me about how her son experienced a near death experience and she needed to learn to appreciate life one day at a time.” The club allows you to make connections with the women and gather some of their wisdom.

Juliette Safer is also involved with Glamour Gals. Her favorite part about the club is getting to interact with the ladies. “I love being in Glamour Gals because I get to talk to the ladies. They’re always so sweet and sometimes sassy! The ladies love to talk about their kids, grandkids, and pets. They also give great advice and baking tips. It’s interesting to hear about what they used to have as career and what they did before retiring.” Juliette always has a fun time when she visits the ladies.

If anyone is interested in joining Glamour Gals or have any questions  you can contact Susana at [email protected] . The next makeover will be on January 19th from 1-3 PM at Bethany Towers.  People can find out more at and on Instagram, at mash_glamour_gals.