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Lily Eckroth, This & That Editor

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Thanksgiving is the time of year where families get together to reflect on what they are most grateful for, celebrating the occasion through feasting, family time, and games. However, some families in Mechanicsburg have issues with being able to support and provide enough food for each other everyday, let alone during the holiday season. Some students attending MASH receive free or reduced lunch, so whenever a break occurs, these students have little to no food to eat during the time off. This issue is very pressing because without good nutrition and diet, students will struggle to remain healthy and ready for school.


With the help of several people in the district, Mechanicsburg has designed Cats Cupboard, a place for students to stock up on essential food items for their families. Students use this resource to bring food back home before the weekends or long breaks. More recently, there has been a need to restock the cupboard to make it full of more beneficial food items. Mrs. Reeder, who helps with the cupboard, shares, “Food is distributed to families in need on a regular basis.  Even though we had a small food drive last spring, we needed to restock.” Mrs.Reeder has worked to encourage students and staff to restock Cats Cupboard before Thanksgiving occurs.


The Mechanicsburg Area High School decided to take a step farther in trying to support these families with enough food. For two weeks, the students and staff participated in a can collection in order to restock the pantry. Mrs.Reeder, the coordinator, shared her desire to help restock, explaining, “Mrs. Daniel who I work closely with in the Student Assistance Program, shared with me that there was a need to restock. I decided to use advisory to launch the food drive.” The school was eager to help families with food and encourage students to donate.


Students were presented with the issue in an effort to get them to donate to these families. The collection truly was a success and helped many people within Mechanicsburg. Mrs. Zdanowicz, one of the family consumer science teachers at MASH, led the collection with a total of 242 cans. The food drive helped Mechanicsburg by allowing it to become more of a community during the holiday season. There were a total of 2,503 items collected including a turkey as well. The donated food will make a difference in many students lives. In the future, Mechanicsburg will continue to participate in projects regarding students’ well being and health at school.


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Can collection