MASH welcomes a new teacher to the world language department

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MASH welcomes a new teacher to the world language department

Regyna Gantt, Editor in chief

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This school year, MASH has welcomed two new teachers to the World Language Department, one of them being Herr Paul. He is the new German teacher, originally from Delaware county, right outside of Philadelphia.

Outside of school, Herr Paul is still exploring the area. He recently went to Hershey for the first time to the outlets. He loves to be outside, in nature to do things, such hiking and exploring. This winter, he hopes to learn how to ski so he can experience Ski Roundtop for the first time!

This year is Herr Paul’s’ first official year teaching, but he has had previous teaching experience in China. He spent 6 months teaching children English in grades kindergarten through 4th grade in China. The new German teacher also talked about his time so far at MASH, saying, “I absolutely love it here. It’s really a great school and everyone’s been so welcoming and I just love teaching German. I think it’s such a different experience than what I had in China and it’s a good experience.”

Paul started learning German in his sixth grade year, so he has been studying it for roughly 12 years. He fell in love with German when he went on his Germany exchange trip. He always knew he wanted to work with kids so it only made sense to pursue a career in teaching the language he loves so much. After having the experience in China, he came to the realization that educating kids was truly what he was passionate about.

Herr Paul has been to many places around the world. He lived in China for six months, and studied abroad in Germany for a year, in which he had the experience to travel all over Europe. Overall, he has been to 32 different countries, including some of the more typical countries to travel to, such as Mexico and Canada. During his time in China, he really missed speaking German, as he spoke it almost everyday in college. He said, “you really develop a relationship with the language” and he wanted to bring that to students.

When I asked him what he had in store for the students this year, he said, “This year, I am a brand new teacher and so i’m just experiencing the curriculum and getting into the groove of teaching and giving kids experiential opportunities to learn. Something I’m really excited about it for students to celebrate German holidays and plan and celebrate a “party”. Level two students have already had the opportunity to do this with Oktoberfest and in German 1, we’re going to be celebrating the winter holidays and hopefully make some German desserts. And in German 3, they’re going to look into carnival.”

His goal is for students to make it up to AP and gain more knowledge of the German culture. A German exchange trip for students is definitely on his bucket list. Currently, he is working with Madam and figuring out how she maneuvers the trip that she’s planning for next summer.

Overall, he feels the most rewarding part of his job is being able to speak to kids in German inside of the classroom and outside of the classroom, showing them they can use the language to communicate and they can continue to learn it together and improve on their speaking skills.

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MASH welcomes a new teacher to the world language department