Students reflect on the first marking period and express their opinions on all of the changes that the school underwent

Emma Brooks, Reporter

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   The first quarter of the 2018-2019 school year has proven to be hectic for many of the students and staff at MASH. For some freshmen students, such as Eddie Drumheller, the first quarter of the year went by fairly slow, but for others, like Ria Sai, the marking period passed by quickly. As for many of the other freshmen that I interviewed, they all agreed that their teachers assigned too much homework and they were often stressing during the weeknights.

Earth and Space science was seen as one of the most difficult subjects by 64% of the participants. When polling the student body as a whole on their least favorite part of their experience, Soph. Morgan Wales responded with how much homework she was given. When you are taking all level 1’s, AP classes, or an extra major or minor, the stress can be overwhelming, but there are many resources and teachers who understand and can help you to work through the stress.

Soph. Madison Tankersley had an entirely  different view on the beginning of the year. She commented, “everything went extremely well,” other than not getting the FLEX periods she signed up for. With limited availability in each of the classes, she believes that there should be duplicates of each activity so that every student gets a chance at trying or continuing a new one. Many of the students seem to enjoy the concept of FLEX and would like for it to continue in the following months. Along with students taking a liking to the new FLEX period, students seem to enjoy the added two minutes between 1st period and 2nd period.

In addition, according to my second period class, people seem to be taking advantage of the 2nd chance breakfast and buying food/drinks from the added carts. What I found that students didn’t like as much is the fact that there are now 2 lunches instead of 3. Students believe that the lunches are overcrowded, and while we do have an extra 10 minutes, there seems to be no additional benefits.

Nearly all of the people that I talked to reported that starting school later helped to shape their High School experience in a positive way. Kids reported getting more sleep because of it and this helped them achieve more when performing at school. Freshman students also like having advisory and the extra activities that come with it. So far, from my observations, and the polls that I put out, students here seem to like how the school year started off and appreciated many of the new changes put into  place.


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Students reflect on the first marking period and express their opinions on all of the changes that the school underwent