This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday broke records

Evalyne Simpson, Feature's editor

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Black Friday is known as the biggest shopping day of the year. People rush to the stores to take advantage of some of the best deals of the year. This year alone, U.S. consumers spent $5 billion on Black Friday purchases. The Monday after Thanksgiving is also a huge shopping day. It’s called Cyber Monday because there are tons of online deals.

Electronics are usually the top sellers on Black Friday, and this year was no exception. Tvs, Laptops, X-Boxs, and Playstations were the big sellers. They were such big sellers because electronics typically have the best deals. For example, you could’ve saved $500 on a $1,600 LG 55 inch tv. You could’ve found deals like these at stores like Walmart and Best Buy.

Clothing stores also offered great bargains. The best sales could be found at Macy’s, Target, and Kohls. Top selling clothing brands including American Eagle, Lululemon, and Forever 21 had sales too. Shoes were also a big seller, with brands like Nike and Adidas offering shoes for over 50% off.

Amazon had one of it’s best Black Friday’s ever this year. It was one of the company’s biggest sales day to date, aside from Amazon Prime Day and Cyber Monday. Amazon pulled in 54.9% of total online transactions on Black Friday. A few of Amazon’s top sellers included the Echo Dot, the Fire 7 Tablet, and Bose QC 27 headphones.

Black Friday gets more hype, but Cyber Monday is a huge day for shopping too. Amazon and other companies actually sold more on Cyber Monday than they did on Black Friday. This year’s Cyber Monday turned out to be the biggest online shopping day in U.S. history. Consumers spent $5 billion on Black Friday, but they spent around $6 billion on Cyber Monday.

Like Black Friday, electronics were the top sellers on Cyber Monday. Clothes were another huge seller. Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle all did well. People also bought toys from companies like Nerf and Barbie.

All in all, it’s estimated that 175 million people shopped from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday were some of the biggest shopping days ever. If you missed out on on the sales this year, make sure to head out shopping next year.


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This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday broke records