World Series 2018 sets the stage for next season

Kristen Bolash, Entertainment Editor

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The Boston Red Sox have won the 2018 World Series! In total, they had 119 wins this season. Although there isn’t much else to say about the incredible victory, there are many moments of the World Series that will remain impactful for baseball fans.

With the 108 wins, some believe this season’s team for the Red Sox deserves to be in the talks of “greatest teams ever.” Undoubtedly, they were managed with the MLB’s best manager, but the team together had leadership qualities to rally each individual player for a strong offense and domination of pitching.

One noticeable trait of the World Series this year was the emotions of the players. It’s becoming more accepted in baseball to show celebrations, but the disappointment of players was also more noticable.

Another moment that will last a lifetime was the 7 hour
saga of game 3. Not only did it show the downfalls of entra innings, but also the physical effects it has on players. Though it’s something to talk about, there was truthfully nothing positive about it in a baseball standpoint. Now the debate of extra innings will come into play and it also fits the narrative of “modern baseball is too long and boring to watch.” But the attention the game got among non-sports fans through social media is a positive for baseball. Nonetheless, it’s exciting and those games remain iconic.

Looking forward, the team with the best record and highest payroll in the MLB this season won the World Series at Dodger Stadium. The team with the best record and highest payroll last season lost the World Series. All sports are predictable in this way — it’s not hard to predict the most dominant team based on lineups. But playoffs with a seven game series can be more of a tossup than a bracket. Both teams in the finals are the best of the league. With seven games instead of one, the losing team of game 1 has the chance for a comeback (back and forth until game seven).

For the Red Sox and many of the players this World Series gave them a redemption story. For the Dodgers they lost the redemption story opportunity from last year.

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World Series 2018 sets the stage for next season