Humans Of MASH – Jonah Smith

Victoria Yother, Spotlight Editor

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Victoria Yother


When I was 11 my grandma said that she couldn’t feel her leg. We got a call from grandpa saying we had to call an ambulance. She had a blood clot in her left leg with a possible amputation. Before Thanksgiving she unfortunately shook hands with God. She was really the glue to the family. After she died my parents divorced ‘cause they weren’t happy and my mom found someone new. When I was 14 we had to put our dog down because he had terminal cancer. We still have his ashes. Last summer we lost a close friend, Arkie. He had been really sick, he had 70% of his body was cancer after 3-4 months he breathed his last. He was like a brother to my grandpa. The reason I don’t talk about my stuff is because of Jim Carrey. He has the same ideology and that is the that the best medicine is laughter. Humor is the purest emotion. We live by it everyday. Those moments are so precious. It’s the one thing that got me through. In order to be funny it has to come from a dark place. // Jonah Smith – senior 

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Humans Of MASH – Jonah Smith