Best Places in Mechanicsburg

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Best Places in Mechanicsburg

Lily Eckroth, Page Editor

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Mechanicsburg is known for several places to eat, hangout, and enjoy quality time with friends or family. Students within MASH go to these places on a regular basis to enjoy time out of school. These restaurants serve spectacular items that make each place unique and different. The atmosphere within these restaurants are very inviting and relaxing.


Juice and Java is a cafe style restaurant that serves various types of food in a laid back atmosphere. They take pride in serving delicious whole fruit smoothies and meals, made from all fresh ingredients. Their seating area is filled with comfortable couches and tables. Located at, 5258 Simpson Ferry Road, Juice and Java attracts several customers each and every day. People go here to study, hangout with friends, or enjoy a delicious smoothie. Juice and Java is enjoyable for people with in Mechanicsburg.


Jojo’s Pizza & Pasta originated in downtown Mechanicsburg on Main Street, but is newly opened in Upper Allen on Aspen Dr. They serve delicious Italian food, such as their meat lovers pizza, cheesesteaks, ham and cheese stromboli, stuffed shells, and garden salad. In their newest location, they also serve farm show milkshakes which are very popular among MASH students. Jojo’s customer service is outstanding, with people willing to serve you everytime you eat there. This restaurant attracts many people such as Hanna Paul from MASH. She states, “My friends and I normally go to Jojo’s on the weekends or on Fridays before football games. We love the food and hanging out there.” JoJo’s, a staple hangout in Mechanicsburg, is a great place to enjoy a meal.


Another delectable place to eat is In the heart of Mechanicsburg, on Main Street, a newly opened cafe named Capital Joes welcomes people everyday. This bistro-style restaurant serves various coffee drinks, such as lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and espressos. Several different flavors of hot tea and bakery items are also available here. The inside of this cute cafe has comfortable seating arrangements and a clean artsy environment. Often times they will offer a live performance from local musicians, which entertains customers while they enjoy a bite to eat or sip on a hot beverage. Students enjoy going here to study in a quiet, relaxing place or just to go and talk with friends. Capital Joes attracts many customers because of their great features.


During the summer and when weather is warmer, people love to go to Maggie’s Italian Ice and Custard for a delicious treat. They are famous for serving homemade frozen treats in several different and unique flavors. They sell refreshing Italian ice along with creamy custard and hand dipped ice cream. Maggie’s is not a chain restaurant since their only location is in Mechanicsburg. Their deserts are rare and special to customers. MASH student Annika Hummel shares, “Everytime I go to Maggie’s, I see someone that I know, which shows how important of a place it is to the community. They serve really good ice cream, which makes me always want to go back there.” People who live in Mechanicsburg truly enjoy Maggie’s because of their great customer service and delectable frozen treats.


Mechanicsburg is known for several restaurants that serve delicious food and contain a relaxing environment to spend time with family and friends. Each place is unique in its own way based off of their food and the scenery inside. People from around the area are very attracted to these places. Each business is organized and provides greatness to Mechanicsburg.


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Best Places in Mechanicsburg